Fiks Fare/ The system of visits to the doctor does not work, the patient ends up in the emergency room due to oversleeping

2023-04-27 21:01:43, Denoncim CNA

Fiks Fare/ The system of visits to the doctor does not work, the patient ends up

The system for visits to the specialist doctor in the Regional Hospital of Fier is not opened, the patient ends up in the emergency room due to a stroke.

Pensioner Fatbardha Zyka, 61, from Mbrostari i Fieri, contacted the editors of Fiks Fare asking for help. As a pensioner, she benefits from reimbursement of medicines, but the hospital does not schedule a visit to get their prescription.

Fiksi met Ms. Zyka said that on April 5, he had visited a specialist cardiologist. Where, according to the recommendation, this doctor sends him for consultation to another cardiologist near the Memorial Hospital in Fier to get the medicines with reimbursement. Since that date, the pensioner had wandered to the doors of the polyclinic to book a consultation and to get the medicine so necessary for her health, since she was suffering from several diseases.

Even in the video broadcast on Fiks Fare, it was clearly seen that the pensioner was walking around as they escorted her, telling her that there are no free time slots. The head nurse even tells him to go to the Memorial Hospital as they are the ones who make it possible to release the schedules so that the latter can make the reservations.

But a surprise happens when the elderly woman goes to the Memorial Hospital as the latter "throw the ball" to the polyclinic. Once this place is there, the patient must leave the date for booking the visit with the cardiologist. They even give her a phone number where the pensioner has to call often to get information on whether free dates are open or not. The elderly woman is sick and for the month of May she still does not have a reservation to benefit from the reimbursed medicines, which she otherwise cannot get, since her husband is also paralyzed.

During all the trips up and down both to the hospital and to the polyclinic, the pensioner gets sick and ends up in the polyclinic. The Fiks group was forced to accompany him to the Fier hospital emergency where they were joined by the deputy director of the hospital, doctor Ramadan Çepele. After the pensioner's condition stabilized, Fiksi requested information from the directorate of the Fier Regional Hospital.

Regarding the case, deputy director Ramadan Çepele explains that there are some preparations such as the lady's preparation that the cardiologist specialist of the polyclinic cannot give for reimbursement, but only near two centers such as QSUT and Memorial Hospital.

" In the case of the lady, it was sent to the latter, who does not have bandages, to the cardiologist, and when there are no bandages, we cannot intervene. Neither QSUT nor Memorial Hospital is under our jurisdiction. We enter the system the moment there are free bandages. For chronic patients, we keep their number and the moment the bandages are opened, we call them and set the day, " Çepele says.

But thanks to the presence of Fiks and the case made public, the case was solved. Pensioner Fatbardha Zyka had therapy until the end of April and for May she still had not been able to book a visit to the doctor to get the prescription and then the medicine. But Çepele assured Fiksi that on May 2nd he will appear for a visit to the specialist doctor and this was confirmed. Finally, also for the month of May, the 61-year-old received the prescription for the reimbursement of the medicines in the hope that it will not happen again in the following months.

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