The builder sells the house several times/ He doesn't keep his promise, leaves it on the street and disappears

2023-04-26 22:42:10, Denoncim CNA

The builder sells the house several times/ He doesn't keep his promise,

On March 30, "Stop" broadcast a denunciation from the area of ??the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana. Sabri Shera, administrator of the construction company "AA Konstruksion", in 2015 made an offer to the citizen Shpëtim Mëniku that, in exchange for the place where he had his house, he would build the building and when the building was finished, Shpëtim, as the owner of the land, would to be equipped with an apartment on the third floor, 55 m2.

The parties conclude a donation contract, but the builder, not only did not adhere to this contract, but it turns out that he sold the apartment several times. The sister of the citizen Shpëtim Mëniku, Manuela Mëniku, tried to contact the builder Sabri Shera, but the latter avoided her.

After the journalist of "Stop" confronted the builder, he promised that at the end of March he would seize the citizen and by April 15 to repay him by buying the apartment. But that didn't happen.

"In conclusion, it's not that he didn't pay, but he also didn't give the total liquidation that he was going to give on April 15. It has cut off all communications. He told me not to take me out to the show "Stop", says the whistleblower.

"Come, or they will take us out to the "Stop", then things change. We have left the time. It's over, then. I wanted this from you for days. On April 15, we finish work, that's it! But without going out there, because we went out there, things will all be destroyed", says the builder to the whistleblower.

According to the complainant, all reports to the police are not taken into account.

"For this fraud, which Mr. Sabri Shera has done to us, we have also addressed the competent bodies. We have made complaints, reports and we have not received any help from any institution. Measures should be taken and Sabri Shera should go to justice", says the whistleblower Shpëtim Mëniku.

The citizen also talked to his daughter, who tells her not to disturb her father, because he is in the hospital.

"I am currently in QSUT with Sabri hospitalized. I hope nothing happens to Ela because everything will go to hell", the builder's daughter had sent a message to the informant.

The latter tried once more to talk to the builder Sabri Shera. But he didn't open the phone. Then the journalist of "Stop" spoke to the girl.

Journalist: Are you Mr. Sabri's daughter?

Builder's Daughter: Please, why are you bothering me at this hour of the day?

Journalist: I don't mind, but because...

The builder's daughter: What do I have to do with "Mr. Sabri's daughter"? Man, you do understand what you're doing, don't you?

Journalist: Why do you reply to Mrs. Emanuela while you have sent messages.

Builder's daughter: I haven't talked to the lady at all, mor!

Journalist: You have spoken, you have spoken that I have the messages, so I am taking them.

Builder's Daughter: You are so wrong. Me, the lady bothers me on the phone.

Journalist: No, it doesn't bother you, she wants her right.

Builder's daughter: No, ma'am, he's been texting me, please! I have nothing to do with anything. Yes, please!

Together with the complainant, we turn to the Economic Crime for another complaint, even though there are similar complaints at the address of the problematic builder Sabri Shera./tvklan

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