The change of owners at the landfill of Sharra/ The clan that sank ARMO grows in the incinerator

2023-04-29 11:24:00, Denoncim CNA

The change of owners at the landfill of Sharra/ The clan that sank ARMO grows in

A day ago the "Syri.net" portal announced that the owners of the Tirana incinerator have changed. According to the documents filed in the KKB, the French citizen Max Abitbol has already been added as an owner to the "Integrated Energy" company.

Tirana's incinerator has an ownership chain of two companies. The first company is Integrated "Energy BV SPV". This is the company to which the government has granted the 35-year concession for the Tirana incinerator. But Integrated Energy itself is 100 percent owned by a company registered in the Netherlands called Geogenix. Mr. Abitbol turns out to have bought shares in "Geogenix" and therefore this makes him the owner of the Tirana incinerator as well.

From the KKB documents, the final ownership structure is unclear and incomplete. "Oligarkia.al" publishes an exclusive document, which clearly explains the ultimate ownership of the incinerator concession. According to the graph dated May 10, 2022, exactly the same date that the CCA reports that the changes took place, it turns out that the company "Integrated Energy" is owned by 3 owners. Alberto Presezzi owns 40 percent of the shares, Max Abitbol 40 percent and Giuseppe Ciaffaglione 19.9 percent. The latter is the former administrator of the company declared internationally wanted by SPAK.

The change of owners at the landfill of Sharra/ The clan that sank ARMO grows in

Threads behind the new owner

Max Abitbol turns out to have bought 40 percent of the shares of "Geogenix" in the Netherlands through a company called "Icare Holding SA". Registered in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, "Icare Holding SA" is a company established in 2011, previously known as JMG Investments SA. In 2018, JMG was absorbed by Icare Holding, which at that time resulted in total assets of around 600 thousand euros.

Six months ago, "Icare Holding" opened a subsidiary in Albania under the name "Icare Energji". According to the documents, the administrator of the company is Marigona Metaj, while the members of the supervisory board are Max Abitbol, ??Blerim Hoxha and Joel Jacques Jean Chevallaz. These are well-known names in Albania.

Blerim Hoxha was the administrator of "Tosk Energy" from 2016 until April last year. "Tosk Energji" is the company that dealt the final blow to ARMO, which was then dismantled for scrap. Presented as the company that would rescue the refinery from debt and revive production, Tosk further burdened ARMO's debts and left hundreds of workers unpaid for months, salaries which were later paid by the government. from citizens' taxes. Today "Tosk Energy" is under sequestration by the tax administration due to unpaid obligations to the state.

Marigona Metaj and Joel Jacques Jean Chevallaz have also been part of "Tosk Energji". The first as an authorized representative of the company, while Chevallaz is a member of the Supervisory Council for the period 2016-2018. The other link is Christophe Dabord, who now turns out to be the legal representative of the company "Icare Holding SA" in Switzerland. Mr. Dabord is the former administrator of ARMO, during the time when the Plant was used by "Tosk" and "Byllis Energji".

Shell business

But the last thread leading to ARMO is the company's address. "Icare Energji" established in Albania, turns out to have an address in the business center "Aba Business Center", 7th floor. In fact, this address that the company declares in the KKB extract is wrong, intentionally or not, it matters little.

Another company has its offices on the 7th floor of the "ABA" center. Until recently, the real address of "Icare" was the 8th floor of "ABA Business Center", in the same office as the company "Balkan Energji", which is owned by Skënder Sulaj and the administrator is businessman Besnik Sulaj, accused by the opposition of being close to Prime Minister Edi Rama.

In short, the threads of the new owners of the incinerator stretch 500 meters along Tirana Boulevard, from "Aba Center" which they declare as their office address to a casino near the center of Tirana. In the middle of this linear line is the Prime Minister's building. For the opposition, the Tirana incinerator is a government business. And most likely his final shares are neither in Amsterdam nor in Geneva, but are kept locked in a safe in Tirana./ Oligarkia.al

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