"He hit me on the head and I fell in the bathroom"/ After separating from her husband, Dhurata is not allowed to enter the house

2023-05-04 21:08:30, Denoncim CNA

"He hit me on the head and I fell in the bathroom"/ After separating

The investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan has traveled to Sukthi in Durrës for a divorce and property division problem.

Alfred Visha: I addressed your show about the reason for the separation of my sister from her ex-husband, who currently has 2 children, has been married for 20 years. They built a house with the contribution of both of them, now that it is in the process of separation, they kicked her out and they don't allow her to enter her house with the 2 chicks. In the summer of last year, the sister comes with the two chicks, she comes to stay for 1 week and visit us, while they didn't let her come in with the 2 chicks, they left her on the street. Relatives of the sister's ex-husband and the police did not allow them. The reason is that the house's documentation is in the name of the sister's ex-husband.

Dhurata Salla says that she has separated from her ex-husband due to violence and jealousy on his part and is now not allowed to enter the house. Dhurata says that she was forced to go to Italy, leaving the two-story house built by her and her ex-husband Gëzim Salla. She says that because of the violence, she also went into depression.

Dhurata Salla: My marriage has been very irregular. We fled to Italy, we left the house built with 2 floors, it was built by me and Mr. Joy Hall, both of you. To organize the house in Albania, so that we have it more orderly, because we left it unplastered, without anything. We worked here in Italy. My life has been very austere, very jealous with violence. I have never laughed, we have never had an understanding towards each other.

Journalist: Why did you stay in this unhappy marriage for 20 years?

Dhurata Salla: I stayed for the sake of two children, I have two chicks. He continued the violence, betrayal, jealousy, all the bad things you can do to a woman, Mr. Joy Hall. I don't have any communication because here in Italy we broke up violently, he hit me on the head, knocked me down in the bathroom. I lead the life of my two children alone because I went through a depression from Mr. Joy Hall.

What happened to their property today? In 2021, in a law office, Gëzim Salla recognized his sister and brothers as contributory owners without considering the existence of the Gift. This error has also continued in the Court of First Instance of Durrës, where judge Rexhep Bekteshi has not requested at least a marriage and family certificate.

Lawyer Edmond Petraj: We have gone to the court to recognize the owners and annul the ownership of the parties because they are not the owners, they have misunderstood the statements before the court, they have created a criminal offense of fraud in front of the court. They are not the main property investors. The house was not built at all by the party who claims and owns it today.

Today the property is in the name of Gezi's brothers and sister, excluding his daughters. "Stop" contacted Salla, who says that his sister and brother gave him money for the house.

Journalist: How do your brothers prove the contribution they made to that house?

Gëzim Salla: How do they prove it? They worked, they gave me money. So they gave it to me so that I could change, change my path. I was a problem, because if I wasn't, my wife wouldn't leave me.

Journalist: Why during the time that you made these changes, that is, that you recognized the ownership and contribution of the brothers and sisters, why was there no thought or signature of Mrs. Dhurata at a time when you were celebrated.

Gëzim Salla: Why should a signature be taken, when the house was built before Dhurata got married?

Journalist : You have a self-declaration from 2005.

Gëzim Salla: Leave the self-declaration now! Do you know how the conversation is? You will talk to my lawyer!

Journalist: Is this a way you have chosen to take revenge on your ex-wife perhaps?

Gëzim Salla: No, no, it's not revenge, because the lady is living in Italy, she has a house in Italy.

Journalist: Did you all live as a family at some point after you married Dhurata together with your brothers and sisters?

Gëzim Salla: What does this have to do with it? I can't say anything. Do you know how it is? It's getting in the way of my work and so is the owner here. /tvclan

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