The incinerator of Elbasan covers the city with smog/ The "Fike Plehren" initiative begins

2023-05-02 18:05:00, Denoncim CNA

The incinerator of Elbasan covers the city with smog/ The "Fike

Day by day, the corrupt affair of the incinerators is being denounced with facts. The Elbasan incinerator is one of the 3 incinerators that received millions of euros from Albanian taxes, but continues to be denounced every day for the environmental "massacre" it is causing.

The DP candidate for Elbasan, Luciano Boçi, denounces that every time the incinerator is lit, the city is covered with burning smoke and ash.

He says that the incinerator has been lit for a campaign and the lives of the citizens of Elbasan are being endangered.

Therefore, he asks that the citizens join his call "Turn off the trash!" to request the shutdown of the Elbasan incinerator.

" The incinerator of Elbasan was the first Monster of a macabre environmental plan. The good news is that the truth is slowly coming out. The bad thing is that the authors, being in power, want to protect themselves by pushing forward a plan where Elbasan is considered ecologically dead and completely worthless.

The ignition of the Incinerator in the conditions as it is, makes their plan a reality. They know that the incinerator spreads cancer widely, both with combustion smoke and ash. We get this cancer from the air and from the water, but now also from the plants planted in Jagodina, Kuqan and from the most fertile field we have.

When the incinerator is lit, Elbasan is a crematorium and we are its condemned. Now he is on the campaign trail. And we are in real danger to life and health!

Shamelessly, the man who comes to insult the Elbasanlians in their home, has the audacity to ignite this weapon of mass destruction as a sign of the good work he has done in exterminating them. In fact, it is the same one that has forced over 30% of the population to flee Albania and Elbasan.

The logic of his action for the extermination of the Albanians in Elbasan has proven solid.

Now that we speak, we are breathing cancer instead of air, the water that reaches us is polluted, the food we buy is "sprayed" with the poisons of the incinerator - because we are governed by an irresponsible one.

I would invite all the citizens of Elbasan to join my call "TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE!" and post this photo on their social media profile...

After the elections, let's talk. Now the Incinerator should be turned off. Immediately! ", he writes, among other things./ CNA.al

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