Stop/ Sell 420 heads of cattle, the butcher dies and does not make the payment of 36 million Lek

2023-05-01 22:38:01, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ Sell 420 heads of cattle, the butcher dies and does not make the payment

In 2019, Nazif Feta sells 420 head of cattle for cash to a butcher from Tirana, introduced as Haxhi Isufaj.

Since the seller did not have cash, through a notarial statement he made in Çorovoda with Nazif's son, he promised that he owed him 36 million old Lek. But while he was waiting to receive the money, the person who bought the cattle passed away.

Since then, Nazif Feta has not received a single penny. He addressed the show Stop on TV Klan, asking for help on how to proceed legally in such a situation.

"I have been 11 years old until today, I only know nothing else. Every time I look at them I want to cry. I left, the age left. I borrowed ALL and bought a bunch of elderberries in Saranda, from 400 or so elderberries I got into a lot of debt. I sold them, a butcher from Tirana took them for me, but he didn't have any lek, and I had some lek left there. If I was supporting the family because I had nothing, I had no other economy. This was a butcher and a friend connected it to me. That friend told me I sold goods from him and received the money. That I asked him to give the money? Give it to me, he told me, but don't trust me. When you do, do the cards in order. He received 420 head of cattle, worth 3 million 600 thousand new ones. He also took a lek, but I didn't get it ," says Nazif Feta.

The family of Nazif Feta also went to the Court of Berat, from where an execution order was issued on the statement signed between the parties. Today, the residents have not taken any action and have lost hope.

"He said that you will take the property I have if I do not repay you with money. We left on January 25, 2020. On January 23, 2020, he called me and said I want an account number. I took out the account number and sent it to him. At 24 I found out that he passed away. They have been deregistered".

Ilia Elezi, bailiff, explains that when the debtor has passed away, the bailiff turns to his relatives for voluntary execution, for those who have benefited from the inheritance.

"When the debtor has passed away, the bailiff must send a notice of voluntary execution to his relatives who have benefited from the inheritance. Then all the persons who have benefited from this inheritance are obliged to fulfill the debt to the creditor. But in article 520 it is clearly stated that the persons, family members who have benefited from the deceased, will repay the debt but on a proportional basis of the benefit of this debt and not more than. So the judicial bailiff addresses with a voluntary notice all the persons who have benefited, and then if they do not respond, it goes to mandatory. Whereas with Article 121 for the notary if there are parts of property or income that have not been divided for various reasons which may be intentional or unintentional non-disclosure of inheritance, the executor goes to the notary or the notary of the area where the deceased person lived before and does the opening of the inheritance for the persons. And again, when the inheritance is opened, the notification for voluntary execution is made to all persons, or they are notified at the notary for contact at an enforcement office. The debt is never extinguished at the moment when the deceased has left assets in cash or real estate".explains bailiff Ilia Elezi.

The relatives of the deceased who have benefited from his inheritance are obliged to repay the debt. 

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