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Denunciation of Fiks Fare/ Cases of fraud are added, 1500 euros for work contracts in Sweden

2023-05-01 22:14:58, Denoncim CNA

Denunciation of Fiks Fare/ Cases of fraud are added, 1500 euros for work

Fraud for employment in European countries is the most recent phenomenon, where thousands of Albanians have suffered.

In the past weeks, Fiks Fare showed in voice and image, how the employment agency B&M Group in Tirana deceived Albanians by providing them with work contracts for England. Numerous phone calls continue to arrive at the Fiksi editorial office for this agency.

Meanwhile, another case of fraud has arrived at our editorial office, which is about employment in Sweden. This time, a person was removed as if securing work contracts in northern Europe. The scheme is the same, denounced a few months ago by Fiks Fare. The person took the money, left identification tools with the citizens and disappeared.

The fraudster took 1500 euros from a citizen, whom he was going to hire as a driver for his brother in Sweden. He gave him 1,500 euros, while the fraudster, in order to become his confidant, left his passport and certificate. However, the person never went to Sweden, while the citizen already has only the fraudster's passport.

A 40-year-old man told Fiks Fare that in 2018 he fell prey to fraud by a person named Emirjan Gilani for a work visa in Sweden.

"Gilani told me that he has a brother in Sweden and has a company registered in that country. The workplace was a truck driver, while Emirjan Gilani asked me for an amount of 1,500 euros," says the whistleblower.

He further specifies that he has met this person several times. In fact, he has filled his mind that he really had a brother in that place.

"I gave him 1,500 euros. The fraudster, in order to become trusted, left me his passport and certificate", he continues, as he only has the means of identification of this person in his hand. "He also wrote me a piece of letter stating that he took this amount of debt from me and would pay me back in a few weeks. Not a few weeks, but years have passed and I have never received my money" concludes the whistleblower./ tch

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