"Tell 'Stop' that you don't have problems with me"/ The notary is caught with "leek in her hands"

2023-05-03 21:30:29, Denoncim CNA

"Tell 'Stop' that you don't have problems with me"/ The

Regarding the case of the citizen Edmond Merko with the notary Miriam Isufaj, the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan went to meet the latter.

"Stop" asked the notary about not making a will and how she continues to work even though her license was revoked in May 2021.

Notary Isufaj evaded responsibility by saying that a written request must be made so that she can respond.

But one day after the filming crew of "Stop" went to Vlora, the notary applied to the Cadastre for the transfer of the Merko family's property.

Journalist: Edmond Merko denounced in the show "Stop". You got 4 thousand Euros somewhere for the transfer of the property to your brother. That's what he says. There are also the documents. But what I wanted to ask, why didn't you put the will into the system when it was made at that time?

Notary Miriam Isufaj: Yes... Submit a written request and I will reply!

Journalist: In the meantime, the Ministry of Justice has revoked your license and you are still working.

Notary Miriam Isufaj: Yes... Make a request in writing, sir, and I'll give you an answer!

She calls the informant and tells him to contact "Stop", who no longer has a problem with him.

Reporter: Good evening! She picked me up this morning. He told me, Stopi journalists have arrived. I trusted you and I trust you. Listen, he said, "do a job, send an email to "Stop" where you cc (send) me and tell me that you don't have problems with me and then we'll see the work of the documents.

Notary Miriam Isufaj: The idea is this, as I told you, I did it, I took them to register. Yes, they will come and they will be registered. Now that we are at this point and I have done them and you have no more claims against me and your misunderstandings of me have been resolved. I say if you want to email the editors and say "there are no claims or misunderstandings" or whatever, fine./ tvklan

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