He rapes and hits his uncle's wife with a pitchfork and strips naked in front of her/ Conflict over 2 chickens

2023-05-02 21:28:39, Denoncim CNA

He rapes and hits his uncle's wife with a pitchfork and strips naked in

The investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan has traveled to the village of Shirgjan in Elbasan.

In this village, two families live next to each other, the uncle with his family on one side and the nephew with his family next door.

The uncle's wife, Nimete Tashi, was badly beaten by Gentiani, her husband's nephew, a man about 43-45 years old. The cause was some birds found in Nimetja's garden, for which Gentiani's father and daughter-in-law had accused Nimetja and Idrizi of killing them.

The case has remained in the Court of Elbasan, for the charge of beating, but the uncle and his wife are very worried and afraid. Gentian, according to them, has become a threat. Nimetja even says that in some cases, he showed her the genitals.

Nimete Tashi: I am 66 years old and one day the brother-in-law comes here and tells me that the bride is coming and tells me that you killed the chicken and the brother-in-law tells the bride that it is not killed, but some wild bird has come here. And the brother-in-law comes here and tells me that this is what my daughter-in-law told me that you killed. When the brother-in-law left, I saw that they only had your skin left. We have only had trouble for 40 years. Then he threw me across and beat me and crushed me. He came out saying that "you killed him, you killed him", but he didn't give up and that's all he said. That nephew took the pitchfork. He beat me, thanked me twice and threw me across. He shot me in the fist and arms.

Idriz Tashi: It is very aggressive. Even the fly will bite him, he says his uncle gave it to me. I don't tease him at all. I go to the ground, they cut me with stones, both of the byrazer's chunas. We feel threatened.

Idriz Tashi: That I go to kindergarten more. He insults me there in the garden, insults me.

Nimete Tashi: The police come after me there and ask me who beat you. I told you the nephew. The police told me "sorry, sorry" I told you that I don't forgive him because "look at this age he beats me for nothing". He is stripped naked on the second floor. She has removed her panties.

Idriz Tashi: It turned out as if the mother did it.

 Journalist: So, he did not behave gracefully?

Other residents of the area show that they feel offended and threatened by Gentiani.

Edije Muça: Every time we go there to work, we have olives, he insults us with all kinds of nonsense. I can't deal with the fact that I'm 60 years old and thus I have to keep my mouth shut because I can't deal with it. I have been to the police for this reason. We separated the border, he cuts the trees, he insults us, threatens us "I will kill and cut". I don't have heels. I was cursed by my mother, I have a dead mother. He told me "I'll put this in your mouth", some dirty talk that I can't stand.

"Stop" also communicated with the mayor of the village, who says that he is aware of the case and that together with the relevant authorities they have tried to mitigate the conflict.

The head of the village: Gentian Tashi...

Journalist: Are you aware of some debates he had?

Village Mayor: Yes, yes, yes!

Journalist: Why do these conflicts continue?

The head of the village: I don't know. They have it with each other, with uncles, with these things like that, you understand... And we as a local government are always in favor of mitigating the conflict and we are not in favor of exacerbating the conflict. Did you understand me?

Reporter: Have you ever tried to defuse situations?

The head of the village: Yes, we went who knows how many times, we went, we went, we went, even the gentlemen came here. I also talked with his father, I also talked with his uncle. He will probably have conflicts with others, but for those who have their own people, uncles and others, understand me Sulon!

Sociologist Gëzim Tushe explains in more detail how a conflict starts and how it can be extinguished.

Gëzim Tushe: Conflicts exist and have existed. How conflicts are resolved is a matter of our emancipation as citizens because it is natural that people who are related by blood, but even when we are not related by blood, there are problems that certain interests collide and we disagree with certain interests . The problem is how we resolve the conflict. If we resolve the conflict with a conflict, with violence, with quarrels, with rumors, this means that these ties begin to weaken./tvklan

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