PD denounces the buying of votes in Elbasan/ Involved, the administrator of the company that serves the incinerators

2023-05-03 18:23:00, Denoncim CNA

PD denounces the buying of votes in Elbasan/ Involved, the administrator of the

The General Secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka, has accused Prime Minister Edi Rama and the General Secretary of the SP, Damian Gjiknuri, of stealing votes in Elbasan.

Noka said that Rama ordered Gjiknuri to prepare the platform for stealing and manipulating the elections.

He published in a statement to the media the names of the people who, according to him, were ready to buy the votes.

Among them is included the administrator of the EcoAlb company that serves the incinerators.

In a panic that people have abandoned him and are rejecting him everywhere, in every neighborhood of the city of Elbasan, or one administrative, Edi Rama has ordered Damjani to prepare the platform for stealing and manipulating the elections. Rejected and despised, they hope to implement the criminal, and well-known, scheme of stealing elections.
The 'Together We Win' coalition has all the data that Elbasan Municipality officials, under the protection of Damian Gjiknuri, are preparing the group ready to buy and manipulate the vote.
The persons involved in this criminal money distribution scheme have been identified by the 'Bashkë Fitomje' coalition, they are public, they are directors of the Elbasan Municipality.
With the motto 'money in exchange for votes' in Elbasan Municipality they are jumping into action with bags in hand:
Leli Kraja-Administrator of EcoAlb (the company that serves Incinerators).
Andri Mehja-Director of INUK, Elbasan Municipality.
Ergys Kateshi-Director of Elbasan Customs
Gentian Darzeza-Employee of Elbasan Municipality.
Astrit Muzhaqi-Employee of Elbasan Municipality.
as well as Mehmet Peqini.
The 'Together We Win' coalition has taken care to conduct a peaceful, incident-free and civil campaign in Elbasan, just as our candidate who emerged from the primaries is against it, and since we are sure of the victory of Luciano Boçi.
We immediately appeal to the Socialist Party, and directly to Edi Rama to withdraw the team of vote thieves, as they are being monitored and will not be allowed in their theft scheme.
Let them forget that the democrats and citizens of Elbasan will stand idly by. Let them forget that they will be able to alienate our victory in Elbasan.
Anyone implicated in this criminal scheme will have answers. We immediately appeal to the institutions of law and order not to be spectators in front of these scenes but to take the responsibilities that the law assigns to them.

Noka has called on SPAK to investigate these people who are trying to steal the votes in Elbasan.

" I call on the SPAK to investigate the above persons, as the implementers of the vote purchase and alienation project in Elbasan.
Article 328/ae of the Criminal Code clearly states that; "the use of public positions in the function of election campaigns is punishable by prison". Similarly, distributing money to buy votes is an electoral crime and is punishable by prison.
One thing should be clear to Edi Rama, who is very embarrassed by Elbasan, where he has come 3 times in 10 days. No pressure, no blackmail, no vote buying will save Edi Rama and the revival from the certain defeat that awaits him in Elbasan, on May 14. Edi Rama knows it well, that's why he is often coming to Elbasan. He knows very well that the hope of victory has been lost and to avoid defeat, he is doing everything to alienate the will through the money of corruption.
The citizens of Elbasan have made the decision. Luciano Boçi will be the new mayor of Elbasan Municipality on the evening of May 14.
The victory does not stop, they must protect and be careful because they will not be able to stop Luciano Boçi's victory ", he said./CNA.al

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