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Revealed Lulzim Basha’s bargains with the incinerator bosses/ Mirel Mërtiri, the candidate who will challenge Erion Veliaj?

9 Shtator 2021, 16:34, English CNA
Revealed Lulzim Basha’s bargains with the incinerator bosses/ Mirel

The urban waste treatment scheme through incinerators, is a topic that CNA.al has addressed day after day, since the first date when started this scandal, and where 400-500 million euros from taxes of Albanian citizens, have been given to some companies related to each other, with some names like Stela Gugallja, the cohabitant of Mirel Mërtiri, the latter, and Klodian Zoto.

The scheme used in this scandal has been denounced many times in the media. But some media have withdrawn, and some of them make now pro-incinerator propaganda. The opposition has taken a banal approach to the issue. Her attitude seemed more like a ?extortion?.

The government has given 22 million euros in Elbasan for an incinerator that has not yet been handed over. Another 28 million euros in Fier, for an incinerator that was supposed to burn garbage, but that the solution was to burn them in the open air.

Another 128 million euros have also been given for Tirana, where there is still no incinerator, but only a landfill. But what is Lulzim Basha?s bargain with incinerator bosses? The leader of the Democratic Party, is the man who speaks ?part-time? about the incinerator scandal.

One of the representatives of the incinerators in the DP, Gerti Bogdani, the right wing of Mirël Mërtiri, or the left wing if we will refer to the meetings in Zimbabwe for the business interests of the incinerator bosses, has been announced recently as a candidate for the mayor of Tirana.

In all these years of opposition, Basha has spoken only at a certain moment and with documents on incinerators, after receiving from the media a bunch of materials, including those of CNA.al or BIRN, who have investigated and denounced this affair very seriously.

Basha spoke ?part-time? on this issue in September of last year. Then he remained silent, although according to the information we have, DP has complete documentation for this other scandals, which Basha didn?t denounce. Because, beyond those sources that has the media, the DP had provided other materials from the state administration.

He didn?t even mention the corruption of incinerators in the election campaign. And we are talking about a scandal worth 500 million euros. And after losing the elections, after taking hostage again the post of DP chairman, announces Gerti Bogdani as a candidate for mayor of Tirana.

The man who is the main exponent and the only opposition on the side of the incinerators. So next to Mirel Mërtiri, next to an affair that has closed the mouth of Lulzim Basha, but also many media. Some national media are financed by them with tens or hundreds of thousands of euros per year.

Meanwhile, there are media that started a real battle for this abuse of Albanian taxes. There is an investigation launched by SPAK, there are several reports. But most media have chosen to remain silent. To ?swallow a spoiled soup spoon?, which apparently was ?eaten? even by Lulzim Basha, and who will now ?vomit? it by running a man who have collectioned only looses in his career, for the Municipality of Tirana.

Gerti Bogdani was appointed in 2009 by Sali Berisha chairman of the Democratic Party Youth Forum. Under his leadership, this youth structure experienced its most difficult moments, due to the scarce leadership and poorer management of Gerti Bogdani.

More than a leader The latter was the man who incited conflict, disruption. More than the politician-businessman, those who don?t know him, already know, through photos and facts, who is the man standing next to Mirel Mërtiri, with the Minister of Health arrested in Zimbabwe for corruption scandals.

Bogdani is by his side. Next to Mirel Mërtiri, who goes for incinerator business interests, who are now swallowing taxes of Albanians, every day. And now Lulzim Basha offers this man as an alternative for the citizens of Tirana. So Erion Veliaj will have in front of him the representative of the incinerators. In fact, the Tirana landfill is managed by Erion Veliaj.

And everyone knows the end of this story./CNA.al


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