The baseball bat as a mechanism of equality before the law

2023-09-11 20:55:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

The baseball bat as a mechanism of equality before the law

With the precedent that the Tirana prosecutor's office is creating, where barbaric beatings with baseball bats, rubber bats and pistols are called minor injuries, every person in law, in politics and in the state administration, from the most basic official to the highest, should feel threatened. .

Now 9 people can be gathered, but even more and they can hit, every prosecutor, lawyer, judge, minister, deputy, official, they can break their skull, they can break their arm, they can impale them and it is called "slight injury". And if there is no complaint from the beaten, the case is dismissed.

In a politically polarized country, in a country where corruption and abuse of public funds has reached unchallenged heights, it is no wonder that people's anger is no longer vented either at the television debate tables, or in the squares, or even by walking away. at Rinas airport. Most likely when the cup is full a baseball bat is enough to keep it from going to waste.

The culture of impunity carved out over decades could learn a very good lesson from baseball bats.

So the prosecutors who today go around explaining technicalities and keeping records of warehouses should be careful that they don't take care of their face, but they should take care of the heads of high officials. It goes without saying that everyone is equal before the law, and equality before the law means that everyone is equal before the baseball bat.

Attention, Mr. Prosecutor, you are replacing the scales of justice with baseball bats!

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