The McGonigal Saga continues/ They will confiscate the assets and properties of corruption

2023-09-05 11:45:00, Opinione Robert Papa

The McGonigal Saga continues/ They will confiscate the assets and properties of

Last Tuesday, McGonigal was again in the court of New York, where he was formally recognized with the charge, where he was found guilty. Prosecutor Damian Williams, filed in the Southern District Court of New York, Information S1 23 Cr. 16 (JHR)

The charge of the Prosecutor is: Conspiracy

1. From at least about the spring of 2021, up to or including at least November of 2021, in the Southern District of New York, or elsewhere, CHARLES MCGONIGAL, the accused, and others known and unknown, voluntarily and knowingly combined, agreed in conspiracy with each other, to cause harm to the United States to violate, to violate the International Economic Emergency Powers Act (“IEEPA”) in violation of 50 USC&1750 of Executive Orders 13660, 13661 and 13662 as and 31. CFR&589.201: also money laundering, in violation of 18/USC&1956(a)1B(i).

2. It was part and parcel of this conspiracy that CHARLES MECGONIGAL, the defendant, and others, known and unknown, would willingly commit and commit, or attempt to commit and commit, the violation of the license, order , rules and prohibitions stated by IEEPA.

3. It was further, part and parcel of this conspiracy, that CHARLES MCGONIGAL, the defendant, others, known or unknown, knowing that the properties involved in a financial transaction represented and carried out some form of illegal activity, and conducted and attempted to conduct a financial transaction affecting domestic and foreign trade using financial institutions, which were illegal activities, in violation of the IEEPA, knowing that the transaction was designed to conceal the nature of the action, location, source, owners and controlling the conduct of a specified illegal activity, in violation of 18 USC 1856(a)(1)(B)(i)

Excessive Actions

4. As a result of the conspiracy, the Excessive Acts, below, were committed by CHARLES MCGONIGAL, the accused, as well as others, known and unknown in the Southern District of New York, but also elsewhere: a) About August 2021 until
about or November 2021, McGonigal and others acting on behalf of Oleg Deripaska, whom the US Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control, had sanctioned as a Special National Designate on April 6, 2018: sought to gather information disparaging about a rival of Deripaska, in violation of IEEPA.
b)From on or about August 2021 to or about November 2021, McGonial and others received and concealed payments from Deripaska between two Corporations, neither registered under McGonial's or Deripaska's name. In an attempt to hide that the payments had come from Deripaska

Charges for confiscation

5. As a result of the violations of law in the indictment, in the first Count of this Information, the accused CHARLES MCGONIGAL, shall forfeit and must surrender to the United States, all property, real and personal, made or in consequence from the proceeding with leaving traces to the commissions of the alleged violations of Accuza One.
6. If one of the properties, described above, that are the object of delivery (receipt)
a) cannot be located after not due diligence:
b) have been transferred or sold, or deposited with third parties
c) Or have been sent outside the Jurisdiction of this Court
d) have greatly decreased in value; OR
e) are mixed with other property that cannot be separated without difficulty: it is the intention of the US, under Title 21, US Code, Section 853 and Title 28, Section 2461, to seek the seizure of any other property of the accused with the value of the acquired properties mentioned above.

Connection with Albania

The next session will be held in Washington on September 13. It doesn't end this month. Mc Gonigal has agreed to cooperate with the government. So, he is ready to tell and help to deepen the investigation and find the properties and bank accounts that were derived from his illegal activity.

In several articles in the Washington Examiner, there are accusations of millions of dollars against the oligarchs of Rama but also in Kosovo.
Judge Jennifer Rearden said McGonigal is being prosecuted in Washington, DC, where he is accused of taking a $500,000 bribe to help arrange a meeting with government and UN officials.
Judge Rearden said McGonigal's sentences could run consecutively.

Outside court, McGonigal's attorney, Seth DuCharme, said, “He's had dark clouds over his head all this time. Hopefully the clouds are starting to clear, if only a little.” When they asked him if the Agreement, as a self-proclaimed guilty party, has an obligation to cooperate with the government, DuCharme told them that: "The Agreement is an agreement."
These, two attempts at trial and how it is done in the USA, would be an example for SPAK in Albania: Confiscation and sequestration of stolen assets amid corruption.

Without a trial, investigations continue. In New York, the sentence will be given in December, while in Washington, it has not yet been decided how the deal will be and where McGonigal will plead guilty.
It is very likely that Du?ka had a role in the investigations and Du?ka's connections with Hunter Biden have raised serious doubts.
Rama will land at JFK, because he will participate in the UN Security Council meeting.

Will there be surprises for him? Will it only be allowed inside Manhattan? Or will it be enough just to kiss the "mind-woman" Aleksi Shorosh? Rama cannot stay without going through the "saraje" in Staten Island or those hideouts of the Greek lobby, where he is always spotted having lunch or dinner with the velodonians of the Greek Orthodox Churches in New York.
The stop in New York, a day after McGonigal will be in front of the judge in Washington DC, is a coincidence, but the "friendship"-Fuga remembers how Rama's deputy was stopped for 3.5 hours at JFK when he brought cash for photos with Obama...

Rama's lamp is going out. Money laundering cannot save him even if he makes a Viennese-style bet against his dark future and an endless horror./ CNA

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