Shpiragu oil or Shpifaraku chatter

2023-08-29 18:50:00, Opinione Agim Xhafka
Shpiragu oil or Shpifaraku chatter
Dawn Xhafka

It happened that when our prime minister was talking about the prosperity that will come to us in the next ten years, I heard him on TV drinking coffee with Bedriu, a neighbor of mine, an early retiree. And he, as always when we are together, while taking a sip from the coffee cup, said with his eyes on the TV:

- How come this evil man didn't increase our pension by two lek?! At least two lek! The prices took us to the sky, the thefts reached the moon, the robberies went as far as the sun and still it does not add a single penny for us. And to think that without our votes, his party cannot even get the fourth place in the parliament. Only pensioners and thieves vote for Rilindash.

I didn't want to upset him so I added:

- Look, as long as you throw oil up the well of Shpirag, you will live like a pasha!

- The well of Shpirag is the source of this sfifarak.

In everyday language, a slanderer is not a person who makes up stories and that's it. It's more of an emotional charge for him. It is a matter of someone who lies with the clear intention of deception, that in what he says there is arrogance, but also a threat.

Bedri the pensioner was right. He had shot on target. Rama, which is spinning in the vortex of endless thefts, of robberies in every corner of the country, of burying the economy, comes out and grabs the next straw. That's how he succeeded first with the steering wheel, then with the pan, and the thicker he gets, the bigger he finds the object of crossing the river. This time he will campaign with a barrel of oil. Oil, which is not oil at all, will boast. It is not like the usual one that our underground holds. No no. It is fixed oil like that of Saudi Arabia.

For the cars to go straight to the well and be supplied without an account. Like twice-boiled brandy ie. It does not need to be processed at all. It will come out as Rama wants it, as his sick mind demands.

The oil of Shpirag became a propaganda tool even if it came out, even if it didn't come out. The Prime Minister is designing his campaign platform based on that very well. Don't be surprised to see it soon stuffed into some big purple barrel with the slogan beautifully written on it:

Prosperity, wait for us in your bosom! We came!' But Shpiragu is not to blame. Shpifaraku is to blame. As well as Bedriu with many friends who accompany their children in emigration so that the renaissance band can live happily in Albania.

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