Do you want more evidence for Lulzim Basha?

2023-09-02 16:09:00, Opinione Milaim Nela

Do you want more evidence for Lulzim Basha?

Do you want more evidence for Lulzim Basha!?

In 50 minutes of recitation, Edi briefly mentioned Rama and the rebirth only once, and just to make sure he didn't say a word!

No line against the mafia-renaissance regime!

Not a word about the elections being stolen by Edi Rama's mafia!

His entire verbal war was against Sali Berisha and the party that catapulted him without any contribution to the highest spheres of power and at the head of it for 9 years!

He spoke about the belief in "Renaissance" justice SPAK to convince even the few fools who have believed in him until today that it is in active service to Rama and the renaissance entourage.

He talked about the diaspora using some phrases that are very informative and significant about the role played by individuals or groups of the diaspora.

He spoke about Kosovo and Albanians in Macedonia like Ramiz Alia at a meal!
He went so far as to threaten the democrats that if you want power, it only comes through me!

With this, he warned of an alliance or coalition with Edi Rama, which is probably not far away.

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