Between respect for the former prime minister and respect for the truth

2023-09-01 15:25:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

Between respect for the former prime minister and respect for the truth

The man who once held the highest office in the country is in critical condition.

His journey into politics, the violent and tumultuous transition, is far from an angel's journey, but it is certainly not the devil's journey either.

As the public listens and reads, a great wave of hypocrisy unfolds before its eyes. A wave that raises a question that is not easy to answer: how is the truth balanced with respect for the man who is fighting for life?

Tradition dictates that we refrain from speaking badly, especially about those who are dying or those who are fighting for their lives. In such moments, respect for the memory of the person takes precedence and the additional pain that any word spoken without measure and tact can cause to their loved ones. However, on the other side is the truth!

Former Prime Minister Nano is a figure of considerable weight in the political scene of Albania. The biggest assessment that is made today is the transformation of the Labor party into the Socialist Party, the liberal nature and the fact that under his leadership the SP had a high level of democratization that no political force has today, including the party that the former Prime Minister led. But his governing mandates will be remembered more for the controversies and controversial decisions than for the achievements.

Politicians, like all people, are flawed beings. They make decisions that have major consequences and not all consequences are positive. It is the duty of the media, historians and society in general to critically examine the actions and policies of (former) leaders so that history is not alienated. After all, truth is the cornerstone of a just society.

However, the truth must be spoken carefully, especially in such delicate moments. While the former prime minister's decisions may have caused controversies, debates and contradictions, it is the moment to remember that he is also a father, husband, friend and friend. At critical moments, the pain caused by harsh criticism can be overwhelming for both the sufferer and their family and friends.

In the age of lightning news, where words travel at the speed of light and take root in the consciousness of both the public and the digital masses, it is up to the media to strike a delicate balance. The truth must be told without the help of sensational headlines to get a few more clicks.

Furthermore, the approach to truth must extend beyond the individual and include the context of time.

What we must avoid is the great temptation of unbridled hypocrisy and the trap of engaging in collective amnesia. It serves no one to sweep the truth under the rug for the sake of decency and "political correctness". The legacy of the former prime minister, like that of any leader, must be subjected to rigorous scrutiny. However, this scan must be carried out with a deep sense of empathy without resorting to insults and insults, bringing about the extreme polarization of opinion between hypocrites who present him as an angel and those who portray him as a devil.

At this particular moment, perhaps the word nuance comes in handy. Both in this life and the next, truth is not simple, but complex.

We can remember today what the former Prime Minister has done well, we can pray for his health, without the need for excessive eulogies, and for hypocrisy - especially from those who have not left words and opportunities to hit him. .

In this way, we honor his legacy so that it is remembered not only for its complexity, but also for the lessons it teaches today's leaders.

If we have avoided and not fully faced the communist past, we should not avoid the past of "transition" which should be accepted not only with bright colors, but also with the color gray and why not with the color black.

In this delicate dance between truth and respect, the character of the "dancers" appears in the first place.

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