Severed heads as an insufficient apology

2023-09-04 22:53:00, Opinione Andi Bushati

Severed heads as an insufficient apology

Even Edi Rama himself has been aware that by removing anonymous ministers from the government, it does not really produce any effect. Therefore, what he could not achieve with actions, he tried to compensate with words.  

He gave a cocktail speech, with a little pride for touristic Albania, with a little bragging about the country's international successes, with a little anti-Greek nationalism and with a little pro-SPAK hypocrisy, to intoxicate as much as possible, the minds of the socialists, worn out day by day , with the shocking facts of the theft. 

In the SP assembly, the prime minister faced a difficult challenge. It gave coherence to the two sides that cannot coexist: first, the need to cut off the heads of ministers, as compensation to satisfy the public shocked by mass thefts, while, on the other hand, the pride of the socialists for the 1001 reasons for the government's successes. 

During this summer, after the arrest and imprisonment of the former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmetaj, after the seizure of the incinerator of Tirana, to which 90 million euros have been spent so far, after the declaration of robbery of the medical equipment sterilization concession, after the termination by the EU of funds for agriculture, Rama had to both express reflection and keep the morale of his troops as high as possible.

He could not do either. Although he removed Olta Xhaçka from the government, Greece also recently accused him of her husband's strategic investment; although he got rid of the minister Krifca, who controlled the European grandees; although he removed from health Manastirliu, who inherited the three infamous concessions; none of these moves could justify the fable of the villains eating plums and pears behind the boss's back. 

Everyone remembers Edi Rama's expression, at the beginning of the first term, that people are not thieves per se, but the system makes them so. Now, no one doubts anymore that the rebirth system has turned out to be a womb of monsters. 

He turned into robbers even those who might have intended to start this way, and risks offering the same fate to those who just entered the cabinet.

Therefore, the alibi approach that it happened here and I didn't know anything doesn't work. 

Perhaps knowing this, Rama tried to explore another path, to raise the morale of his people. In the speech alla Fidel Castro, he did not spare the optimistic brushstrokes. He spoke for over half an hour about the successes of the tourism industry, boasted that in a few days Albania will lead the meeting of the Security Council and did not miss the opportunity without underlining that we have become so strong that we show our teeth to Athens.

But even this strategy is unlikely to have taken hold. Because listening to Rama's parade of pride, any person who wants to put his brain to work would ask: when we are so high, why did he want to make a move that only happens after great crises? Why did you want to tax almost half of the government? 

The two paths that Rama has chosen, both to throw the heads of ministers in the hope of calming the crowds and to fill the mind of the latter that we are very good, neutralize each other. They nullify the effect they would like to produce by reinforcing the belief that this system produces spoon-fed governments. Neither the strategic investments along the Ion will end with the departure of Xhaçka, nor the health PPP with that of Manastirliu, nor the garbage incinerators will be put to work, due to the fact that Ahmetaj left through one door and Mazniku entered through the other.  

The slogan: "our system makes people more honest" can no longer serve the revivalists. They can only find salvation in the old motto of all thugs: "people like us made America". Then yes, after that, we can freely discuss the tourist boom and the Maldives of Europe.

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