Why is there no more curiosity about Edi Rama's surprises in the Assembly?

2023-09-03 20:51:00, Opinione Mero Baze

Why is there no more curiosity about Edi Rama's surprises in the Assembly?

Socialists are facing the biggest problem that their party has in a decade in power, that they are blocked politically by the currents of the time when they were in opposition. Although for 10 years in power, he has promoted dozens of new figures, he has not been able to create new political profiles to make up the political generation of power. 

Currently, the socialists are dominated by the political fighters of 2007, 2009 and 2011 who won most of the municipalities in the opposition or contests for deputies. All that new political flow dominated for more than a decade in power and opposition and managed to turn the Socialist Party into an efficient, winning and more ideologically complex political organization. 

Currently, the Socialist Party of Albania is one of the most structured political organizations in the history of Albanian politics , with a capillary reach in every corner of Albania and a conception of the ideological past with "revivalist" pragmatism, which makes it an unbearable monster in the ruined Albanian political scene. 

But this is also her problem. The success of the socialists did not come from the people in power but from the political fighters, from those who turned the political battle into a balance of winners. The winning mayors of that period and the proven deputies at that time, politically dominated the Socialist Party for almost 15 years. 

But the "heroes" of the last generation are already tired and tiring for the new generation of Albanians. Of course they are an asset to socialists, but no longer as fighters but as history. 

Socialists need the new generation of political fighters, for whom it was a good opportunity to be promoted in the May 14 elections, but who have a chance to be promoted and tested in the next parliamentary elections as well. 
Except for the Vlora District, where the political leader dared to change all the mayors and throw new surprise names into the battle, the other districts kept their status quo, not wanting to risk too much of the battle for the municipalities.  

In fact, this change should start as soon as possible. Respecting their history, the socialists need to prioritize young political fighters, who will need to bear the weight of the coming decade in power or opposition wherever they are. 

And Edi Rama's grave mistake is that he thinks that catapulting into power, and especially directly into a government chair, makes you a politician. It was actually easier to make a thief and delusional. He has his fingers on any chance of success. I do not intend to enter the game of names, but we have very few, almost a minority of names that have been promoted as rulers and then turned into good politicians.  

Not to mention cases when they were promoted as rulers, such as Edi Rama's revelations, they had a 'disgust' for MPs or people who were involved in politics, as they thought of them as their servants, and only when SPAK knocks on their door, or they fall from the chair, everyone understood that they had to come to that chair from politics.  

At this point, Edi Rama is irreproachable as a failure. I don't believe there is any prime minister who has promoted so many new people to power, leaving only a handful of people in politics. 

Therefore, they should change the formula of political promotion, and be based on those who win political battles to have power later. Those who took power with "surprises" of lists read in the assembly, no one saw their success.  
Every young man or woman who thinks of having a career in the Socialist Party, must know the path from which it is taken, and it must be the path of a political career and becoming a political person.  

If the career turns into an algorithm of random selections, don't expect any more politicians in that party.  
There will be appointed officials, there will be ministers who do not know the deputies, there will be brief connections with criminal connections, left or right, there will be cronyism with the mafia circle of Sali Berisha, or anyone else, since they have no political responsibility, since bring to power the coincidences of their lives. 

And politicians are not produced in seminars, not even in the "Qemal Stafa" Academy, even though it constantly renews the pedagogues. They are produced in elections and electoral battles, and only after that they know well what they are worth and what politics is worth.  

That's why today no one has any curiosity about Edi Rama's surprises in the Assembly of Socialists, if he pronounces new names of ministers that we don't know or whose names don't even come up on Google. It is a long-proven game for ten years that has produced ministers or directors, but not politicians. Politicians are the only endangered species in the Socialist Party and this is the problem of their future. 

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