By Andi Bushati/ Don't insult Basha, laugh at him!

2023-09-03 08:47:00, Opinione CNA

By Andi Bushati/ Don't insult Basha, laugh at him!

After the last masquerade with the DP flag and logo, most of those who supported Lulzim Basha, when he killed his political father, have today divided into two large groups. The former have taken seriously the assembly of the seal gathered this Saturday. They noted how Luli has removed the word resignation from the statute, becoming like Saliu, who never knows how to leave, even after successive defeats. 

Others still do not believe their eyes and ears when they see how, in a former party turned into a gang of mercenaries, Basha will also take over the function of the head of the parliamentary group. All this group has one thing in common: they take seriously the things they hear from the mouth of the one they have had as their leader for almost a decade.

The latter have a different approach. Realizing how ridiculous it is to have an epic battle with Basha, they are simply mocking him. Someone calls what happened today as a circumcision party, another considers its organizer as someone who will live in disillusionment, while a third makes self-irony with the fact that he really believed that one day Luli could lead the government.

Despite the fact that both groups are wrong, since each of them believed even after May 2021, that Lul is supported by the majority of the democrats, they even continued to believe in this tale even after the assemblies of December of that year, that is, within being fallible, these latter are more right.

And there is an obvious reason why Luli should be treated with laughter. Unlike those who fear that he is becoming an autocrat, a dictator or that he is gathering all the powers within the seal, Basha must be taken for what he really is. He is not even like Edi Rama, who wiped out the elections from the SP and who imposes the ministers on it without asking anyone. He is not even compared to Berisha, in front of whom no one dares to cry even when they suffer catastrophic defeats. He is not an anti-democratic example like Ilir Meta, who left the party to his wife when he left the presidency himself. And the first and the second and the third can symbolize today all day typical Albanian examples of the most narrow-minded autocrats. But no matter how serious the messages they give, no matter how harmful the effects they leave behind, for better or for worse,

While Basha only has a stolen stamp. Even if he wants to be a dictator or a collector of powers, he is like that only in his imagination. He has neither the means nor the strength to realize his darkest dreams. He often resembles that character from one of the first films on Netflix, "L'isola della Rosa", who to become head of state erected a steel platform in the middle of the ocean, which he named, created a flag for and baptized him with a seal. 

How the fable of this fiction ends is easily imaginable even for those who have not seen it. So is the story of Basha. Therefore it is ridiculous to treat it as a risk. Instead of dealing with what he does, what he says or what he grabs, let's humor him a little. It is the only possibility in this gloomy political season.

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