Misunderstood suicide!...

2023-09-03 11:42:00, Opinione Ardi Stefa
Misunderstood suicide!...
Ardi Stefa

Albert Camus wrote: “There is only one really serious philosophical problem: suicide. To tell whether life is worth living or not is to answer the fundamental question of philosophy...

Galileo, who possessed an important scientific truth, denied it very easily once his life was put in danger. It was not worth losing your life in the woodshed for this truth. The Earth or the Sun revolve around each other, that is irrelevant. On the other hand, I have noticed that many people end their lives because they think that life is not worth living. Others, paradoxically, are killed for ideas or illusions, which give meaning to their lives (what is called a reason to live, is at the same time an excellent reason to die!)".

Suicide must be restored to its rightful place as an act filled with meaning and value. Often those who commit suicide happen to have lost the meaning of life.

Accustomed to dismiss suicide as a symptom of pathology, or at least a momentary madness, or a serious sin, which even the Church does not accept, we have forgotten the glorious past that suicide has behind it. The legendary warriors, Samurai, if they were dishonored, had suicide as the only solution.

Still further, suicide has existed as a proof of romantic "wisdom", like the pan-European fashion of suicide that Werther praised in Goethe's postulate novel. If we go back in time, we will see that suicide made many musicians and artists famous, like Kurt Cobain, who made the smartest move of his career when he blew his brains out, thus ensuring a place in the Pantheon of goddamn rock stars!

Even those who are eternally romantic and incorrigible idealists, as well as the madmen who kill themselves to "profit"...

Let's not forget the terrorist acts, the suicide attacks, which, at least for those who commit them, are acts of divine inspiration!

The right to life automatically gives us the right to die. But this second one is not unlimited.

Similarly, there is a difference between suicide and political suicide.
The latter, of course, is both harmful and beneficial to society.

Already living in the Albanian reality, we are used to dishonoring, humiliating, mocking and satirizing high-ranking government officials, politicians and opposition leaders, without ever realizing that those who are the subject of so much noise are the protagonists of scandals. , they never even put water on fire.

Suicide, in the context of shame, does not even exist in the political vocabulary of our political life.

Even the simplest act of resignation for moral reasons seems like an atavism of other times, it already looks like an act of chivalry of past eras, it looks like an act of chivalry of incorrigible idealists.

Most Albanian politicians have no problem being embarrassed day and night by scandals and shameful deals, while at the same time they persistently demand our respect and vote!

I don't remember any politician from all those who have been criticized and scandals have been discovered, with those protagonists themselves, who have shown the slightest sign of repentance, even a symbolic one. (Of course, the declarations of "resignations" after the political suicide were painful and well-written by the same hand - Ridicule and challenge to the Albanians!)

So, under the prism of the brazenness that prevails in political and social life, the example of samurai who commit suicide will appear as an example to be imitated by brazen and corrupt politicians. The least they would prove was that those people have at least some dignity, even if it results from great pressure and blackmail.

I am very sure that there are many government officials and high state functionaries, but also opposition functionaries, who are involved in dirty matters, theft, corruption, even murder...

It is also more than certain that all those persons are mercilessly threatened by the corrupt clans with whom they do their dirty work.

However, it is more than certain that the scenes of our politics are filled with scandalous cases of corruption and crime, immorality and titillating details, which hold the governors of our political pyramid hostage. So that the latter do not go against the prime minister or his corrupt clan.

That is why high party functionaries are elected (in all parties), leaders without any kind of biography, without history or with questionable history, without any kind of personality, who see the One as a cult, as an idol, as the man to whom dedicate everything.

And although they are held hostage, no one has thought of suicide...

Because in principle it can be said that for an honest man, what he believes to be true must justify his actions.

What should concern us more are not suicide attempts. Or suicides. What should concern us are the suicide attempts, which should have been made here a long time ago and will never be made.

Each of those unrealized suicide attempts has the face of a politician who either has no cheekbones, or was taught to swim for beauty in the scum surrounding power, unconcerned by the stench.

These are more dangerous than all those who are physically "suicidal", as we will never learn...

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