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Lulzim Basha, monopoly of power

2023-09-04 15:31:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
Lulzim Basha, monopoly of power
Ilir Levonja

The first session of the Assembly and the speaker declares that Lulzim Basha is the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party. There are only 9 people left from the back, or 9 deputies and that's it. However, he is the head of a political force (always by initials) of 54 deputies.

This according to the head of government. If the minimum happened by the president or the Assembly, the least procedure, but it doesn't happen. There is only one dry statement. This is. It was not even requested for a procedure to hold a meeting, or to request the resignation of the one who is playing this role until these moments, etc., but immediately this Luli is the chairman of your parliamentary group.

There are 9 deputies and I know you have 45 others, but this is the chairman. This is what we want, this is what we will know. Now just being an idiot and not understanding that, whose opposition is Lulzim Basha? Is it the opposition Albanians, or a tool of the government? 

However, if there are five wise men left, they must urgently give direction to the real opposition. Or the majority that the government is destroying, but also the leadership within the tribe. The opposition is not made by a short-haired or long-haired bitch. Assess! Lulzim Basha is the black page of stagnation and is no longer worth anything.

As it is totally a government asset or monopoly. The seal has not yet dried, even the election commissions recognize him as the president. They knew him even when he didn't exist, when he wasn't in the parliament because he had a period of vegetation. The opposition itself was dispersed with government rubber batons, tear gas, etc. The flower vegetated. And when he appeared, he appeared in some bizarre videos together with the authorities.

On the other hand, this total division has sold tens of democrats everywhere, especially provinces or strongholds, just for a little power or some property certificate, etc. Although Edi Rama keeps the vote of a mayor like Himara in prison for 40 euros. This is also completely unverified. He himself bought all the strongholds of the Democrats with pure bribes, but he is out, not in prison. He is king and God.

This is paradoxical but totally real in our Albania. You have been scratching for so long and you are not realizing that oppositionism is not for you at all, but for the country. The negotiations were postponed, however the propaganda is suffocating humanity with tourist booms that God knows what this brought to the information or the salary market of the Albanians. The balance of power has completely died, and this is not the fault of the opposition Albanians, but the whims of who owns the stamp.

If you haven't realized how long Rama has been in power, the seal belongs to Lulzim Basha, you are in vain in the opposition. The necessary arrival belongs to a new stage, a new stamp including without exception every opposition voice of the Albanian world.

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