It was just a movie

2023-09-11 17:50:00, Opinione CNA
It was just a movie
The moment when the citizen was raped by members of the Rraja tribe

The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana has reduced the charge for the group of the Rraja tribe who beat two people with baseball bats, from "intentional serious injury" to "intentional minor injury".

In fact, even so it seems that they are hitting the necks of people with "baseball bats", the prosecutors have had enough time, because the biggest surprise lasts only three days! Prosecutors could say it was a "misunderstanding" or it was a movie, or rather a "movie scene."

There was no need for the prosecution to wait a few months to administer the "evidence" in order to reach this conclusion, the evidence is clear and has been seen by everyone except the prosecutors.

It was all a misunderstanding. People with baseball bats were playing a movie. They shot the scene themselves (the camera, the direction is easy to prove) and they not only shot it, but also published it.

Eight people with baseball bats just went to shoot a movie, and as in any movie what looks like a "brutal beating" is actually top class acting.

As everyone saw, there was also a pistol and a rubber bat next to the "baseball bats", shouts of "kill, kill", screams and groans were also heard. All these are clear proofs that it was a movie, otherwise, oh God, 9 men armed with guns and knives can't be insulted so much and be told that you have committed "slight injuries"?! It's a shame. Man lives for a manhood. The accused themselves should not accept this shame.

Now that according to the ingenious prosecutors, we are dealing with a "slight injury",

Should the mandate be returned to deputy Rrahaj?

Should Prime Minister Rama reflect and reinstate Interior Minister Çuçi?

Should fired policemen, police officers transferred for a "minor injury" be reinstated?

What about the three wanted persons, will I apologize to anyone?

Should the media apologize for the reporting?

Should the news about the launch of the investigation against the quarries be denied today?

PS Those banned for this event are just unlucky people. If their victim was a prosecutor, that is, if the prosecutor tried "baseball bats, kicks and the butt of the pistol" on their backs, then the case would be solved amicably and the whole mess that took the head of the Minister of the Interior would not happen. and the face of the prime minister.

PS 2. Do prosecutors even know what terror and a terrorist act are? It is the exercise of violence as a means to spread panic and fear...

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