Follow the money! The time for fairy tales has passed...

2023-09-09 19:33:00, Opinione Erion Dasho
Follow the money! The time for fairy tales has passed...
Erion Aries

"Follow the money!"

The now famous phrase was coined after the Watergate scandal to distinguish between "scapegoats" and the real culprits. The Albanian translation, "follow the money", implies that the money is what goes to the real culprits and following them automatically leads to their discovery.

None of the Rama governments have passed without megascandals, which together translate into billions of dollars of theft at the expense of Albanian citizens. The deputy prime minister on the run speaks louder than any other evidence. Known as one of Rama's most trusted people, Ahmetaj has often boasted beating his chest that "Edi Rama has nothing to do with me".

What happens today is giving him the right. While Rama has not hesitated to bring former ministers, former deputy ministers, mayors, etc. to justice, he surrendered to two people. He allowed his former deputy to leave in shorts, creating every comfort for him to escape, while the first minister of health has refused with all his powers to put him in the dock, despite the burning evidence.


Don't Ahmetaj and Beqaj have evidence that they can burn and that can take down the neck of the "incorruptible" two-year-old who has been governing us for 10 years now?!

If that were the case and the law of Renaissance Omerta does not allow them to speak, let the prosecution follow the money. Brigands and thieves do not steal "for a hobby". The stolen money becomes bank accounts, property in one's name or in the name of third parties, etc. To catch a thief, it is enough to capture and document the property and money.

The world experience has shown that only by following the leaders of crime, you can reach the godfathers. Exactly, this is what the Albanians expect. The greatest evil does not come from that employee who pockets a tip of 10, 20, or even 100 euros (it is understood that this should also be punished according to the laws), but from the government official who determines dozens or hundreds of interests with a firm millions. The damage done by the prime minister or minister has the potential to sink a country into misery.


Many doubts have been cast on SPAK these years, and not without reason. The expectations of the public are, in the first place, for the missing justice and, in the second place, to recover as much of the looted money as possible. Following the money fulfills both of these expectations.

SPAK should investigate the financial, software, pharmaceutical or medical businesses that have been rumored for years to be irrigated by corruption money. Tales of vibrators and nights of sleep in hotels are nice for gals, but far from what can and should be done.

Following successful international models in the fight against corruption of political elites is the demarcation line that will define SPAK as the savior or the gravedigger of Albania's future.

"Follow the money!"

The time for fairy tales has passed...

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