They lie even when they have no problem....

2023-09-06 22:06:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
They lie even when they have no problem....
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

If we are to believe the Albanian police, Behar Bajri, a person wanted for murder and attempted murder, one of the key characters of the "Metamorphosis" operation, was kept under observation for two weeks in Paris by the Albanian police and his arrest was made as a result of a "joint operation" with the French.

If you refer to the Minister of the Interior, the success belongs to the officers involved who deserve congratulations "for the high professionalism and above all for the complete security of sensitive information until the finalization of the operation. "Only straight"

This country may have lacked the courage to face crime and the truth, but the courage to lie has never reached the heights of police communications. And it's not the first time. And it's not about lying out of trouble!

If you refer to the announcements here, Bajri was caught in the bar. The French say they caught him in the apartment. According to the "police", he was caught here in Paris. According to the French police, he was caught in Strasbourg. According to the Albanian minister, Bajri was captured by the "joint operation" where our officers also contributed, according to the French, he was captured by the "wanted persons brigade" of Strasbourg.

In their announcement, the French even give the last name that the wanted person is using now: Brajovic.

Our police had Bajri here, they couldn't find him. He ran away. But they have observed and located it in France! And they arrested him also thanks to "police intelligence".

The minister is new in office and someone should tell him (if there is anyone left who doesn't lie) that our police cannot carry out an operation outside of Albania, even more so in an EU country, even more so in France .

Joint operations are carried out only with the approval of the respective prosecutors of the two countries.

With this lie, fueled both by tradition and by the urge to post "positive news" on Facebook, the Albanian policemen (who claim to have participated in the operation) can be killed. The French prosecutor has the right to ask for their identity and arrest them for violating legal sovereignty.

If this was a single case, it could be 'justified' with the zeal of the police to give good news to the new minister.

Unfortunately, lying in police communication with the public has become a vice. And I'm not stopping here at the lies related to crimes committed by the police in Albania, but in some cases where they implicate partners and use the phrase "police intelligence"

Five days after April 1 of this year, the police in the case of the arrest of Elio Bitiri said that it is a "joint operation" and even dared to name the city where Leiden was arrested. The truth is that Bitri was arrested by the Dutch police during a routine traffic police check.

In June, in the case of the detention of Kassander Noga in Vienna, a wanted person from Belgium was told: "Albanian-Belgian-Austrian operation" and that Noga was arrested by the Belgians. In fact, Noga was arrested by the Austrian police, after the notification received from the Belgian police.

The question is what do they gain with these thick lies? If they think they are gaining the virtual trust of the torallaks - patronage - militant and idiots on Facebook who write "miracle, bravo, etc etc" they are fine. But they have put themselves a big question mark in front of international partners. For the latter, it is unimaginable to sell as truth things that did not happen in reality.

If in other departments propaganda, inspections, and small lies have won citizenship, in Rendi you can't lie so stupidly. It's insulting.

And without punishing the liars, the image of the police will not be improved, let alone its work.

When they lie even when they are not in trouble, imagine what they do when they are in trouble. In fact, they showed it.

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