Universal blame as a ghost over the heads of the assemblymen

2023-09-06 08:12:00, Opinione CNA

Universal blame as a ghost over the heads of the assemblymen

I was impressed that the verbs were chosen in the third person singular. There was no: You are a thief! But that corrupt person should know well...

What impressed me a lot, very much, about the SP assembly was that the main speaker blamed everyone without name, shooting all the participants in general, producing, as Jaspers would say, a universal guilt, shooting as thieves, robbers, potential everyone in that room.

All of them were at the same time abused by corrupt thieves, but also probably thieves themselves. So, they were both people and enemies of the people.

A stealthy profile was modeled hovering over the heads of the assemblymen in the hall, like a spirit seeking a body to be incorporated.

All possible culprits. No one dared to say: With whom have you, sir? Are you saying that everyone felt guilty?

Are you saying that the guilt complex burdens collectively, it is known from the castration, castration complex. We live with a sense of guilt - revealed Freud. On top of this self-blame is superimposed the father's universal blaming discourse.

As Hannah Arendt discovered, this kind of universal guilt that affects everyone blurs the distinction between victim and prosecutor. As he said, it becomes a dictatorship of itself against itself, which creates a logical and political paradox.

I saw the faces of assembly members! Some seemed to say:

How does he know that I also got involved?

The other: Oh God, don't you have it for me?

Next: How do I keep an innocent face? The other: Would you take me to SPAK?

The beauty was that those concrete suspects had escaped from the front lines. They sat like Kadriu in the plenum meeting, until the end. The first rows were empty as if everyone was hiding behind the other.

Even the ministers in dilemma disappeared from the front lines.

In this way, generalized blame opens up opportunities to save time. Whoever is accused, the assembly has said so!

The abstract prototype stole the seams as a suit that fits anyone!

There are several techniques to unify political elites. Corruption, blood feud, class war, ideology, but it is also universal blame.

Convince yourself that anyone can be the embodiment of the universal model of the corrupt. It is integration between blame!

Everywhere I saw faces between pleading guilty and trying to exonerate themselves from an accusation floating namelessly on the ceiling. It gave like a dynamic color between yellow and red across the face.

The first time, I saw this rainbow in a political hall not so much in men, but in women's eyeshadow. I was sorry for that./ CNA

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