From Andi Bushati/Opposition, there is no unity in hypocrisy

2023-09-07 18:47:00, Opinione Andi Bushati
From Andi Bushati/Opposition, there is no unity in hypocrisy
Analyst Andi Bushati

The facade of the unified opposition during a rally in a hotel in the center of Tirana, could not resist the dilemmas of the public, the questions of journalists and the debates in the studio, which followed the meeting of Berisha's group with that of Bardhi. One side does not know if it has given up the pro-Atlantic rants, which made them raise their hands in earnest for the exclusion of the historical leader. They are not even able to accept, with their mouths full, if they will integrate Berisha and the other members of the parliamentary group. They go so far as to claim that they are shaking hands on behalf of those over 500,000 voters who voted for the "re-establishment" on May 14, but in complete absurdity, the electorate who recognizes Berisha as the leader, ignores this, continuing with the chorus of it became clear that they do not accept him as president.

The doctor's supporters, on the other hand, are just as confused. They behave as the sole masters of the DP and do not mention the existence, already confirmed, of an anti-parishist mass among the democratic majority. They act as if they have a monopoly on oppositionism. They seem to forget that they are big within the right, but quite insufficient to become a majority in this country. None of them dares to mention that Berisha is ready to retire from the post of candidate for prime minister, in the next elections, although in 2025 he will be 81 years old. 

These fundamental deviations from the essence of truth, and many others like it, have made the idea of ??a real union very implausible. The hypocritical expression that we are unifying the parliamentary battle against Rama is not only not enough, but is more like a fig leaf that cannot cover the deep abyss of the two-year fratricidal battle. The question of what will happen tomorrow and can they fight again, is present to anyone who worries about the fate of the opposition. 

To fill this gap, it is not enough to enter the negotiation tunnel, but it is necessary to show the light at the end of it. And in this journey, from darkness to clear vision, it is necessary to go through several stages.

The group of almost 20 MPs, who finally abandoned Basha, must go back without any doubt, because the seal and representation belongs to the most voted, Sali Berisha. They must admit that their biggest political mistake was submitting with a vassal obedience to a "non grat-e" lobbied with methods alla McGonigal. They should not have any complex to assert that the Blinken administration has fallen into a trap, which should be denounced and after that they should rehabilitate Berisha within the joint parliamentary group. 

As a compromise, even the historical leader must take big steps behind. Convinced that he has the majority of the membership, he can no longer hide behind the autocratic "union through vote" mindset. If he really had the permission of the factions, he should create space for the group of his opponents, after having recognized him as president, to be represented by vice-presidents, with nearly half of the presidency of the National Council and with a written agreement , that they will have a large portion of deputies in the next elections. He can no longer hold the DP dome as a nursery of loyalists. He should leave the leadership of the united parliamentary group to Gazmend Bardhi. He must commit to giving up running for prime minister by opening not a primaries process, but a commitment where the minority has the right to veto.

So, only by clearing up any ambiguity and reaching a compromise for every contradiction, the DP can escape the hypocrisy that we will "cooperate only against Rama in the parliament". As good as this initiative is to begin with, it offers no guarantee that it will stand the test of time. And above all, repeating it as a template in television studios undermines public confidence when faced with the questions raised above. For the opposition to be truly united, those disappointed by Luli must recognize Berisha as a "non-women" leader and for the latter to give all the necessary space to those who will want to overthrow him tomorrow, not as "anti American", but as a politician who has closed the cycle.  

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