The next boycott of a "pro-American" like Lul Vula!

2023-09-09 17:07:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
The next boycott of a "pro-American" like Lul Vula!
Lulzim Basha

There are no candidates and it claims to be the majority!

How is it possible you say?

Lulzim Basha, the "pro-American" leader, has his own methods and strategies for defeating and boycotting. He calls defeats victories, even with his lips on the gas he declares that he has not lost, whether or not he came to power, he has not lost, even just starting the battles.

The 2015 local elections were lost to the opposition led by him, but not him. The 2017 parliamentary elections were lost to the opposition led by him, but not him. The 2019 local elections were lost by the opposition led by him, after boycotting them, but not by him.

The 2021 parliamentary elections were lost to the Luli opposition led by Monika Kryemadhi, but not him. For that the battle had just begun.

These are facts, but we have no memory, since it was with Lulu, with Berisha, or with Rama. Not with reality or rotation, with flow. But Luli also boycotts out of stupidity, for example in 2019 when he boycotted the local elections as I mentioned above.

It was the golden age of oppositionism to balance local power. There was an almost national dissatisfaction, but Luli did not enter the elections.

Although this "pro-American" was strongly opposed by the American embassy, ??not to boycott. But the "pro-American" leader did not listen to his nun, he boycotted them. And Rama won a total of 61 municipalities.

The fact that even those who crush your ears forget that without America no one comes to power in Albania, etc. That's why they don't want Sali Berisha in charge, which is why America doesn't want him either, etc.

So this is stupidity from him without skills not from those from God. And deep apologies to those we are mentioning. But you're dealing with Loser Flower. And to put a lid on it, it has not boycotted with the strategy to bring the democrats or the opposition to power. Since Edi Rama boycotted for 2 years, but he came to power in 2013, Luli's boycotts happened to fatten personal assets by serving Edi Rama.

Perhaps for these local elections in Kukës, Edi Rama does not need it. Maybe it sealed the victory because it was already learned with an achievement of 99.99%. If he was afraid of him, for example with Kuçov in the spring elections of this year, he would say to Lulit, put a wedge in there. And Luli would not be late.

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