Unauthorized portrait for the candidate of Kukës, Emri Vata!

2023-09-16 09:18:00, Opinione Enver Bytyçi
Unauthorized portrait for the candidate of Kukës, Emri Vata!
Name Vata, DP candidate for Kukës

I will not speak about Emri Vata as a political authority. Not even as a national security expert! I don't want to mention anything from his activity in numerous tasks, especially in matters of security and order in Albania! All this can be said much better than I by his associates, with whom he has shared responsibility, successes and failures.

All people in this world are unique. They have their own qualities and characteristics! They are unique, because no one is exactly like the other. Even in this aspect, I do not want to deal with the general features and characteristics of the candidate for mayor of Kukës, Emri Vata. Nor are his political beliefs an object of attention for me. After all, Mr. Vata's political beliefs are shared by thousands of Democrats.

Unauthorized portrait for the candidate of Kukës, Emri Vata!

One would like to associate the democratic candidate for mayor in the capital of Kukës district with the historical and current leader of the democrats. He respects and honors Sali Berisha with a lot of heart. But the change as people, as politicians is obvious. Of course, the leader of the Democrats has the characteristics of a leader, and Emri Vata is far from being a leader. Leaders are the size of half the fingers of one hand. But the name Vata is a novelty in today's political constellation, not only for Kukës, but on a national scale.

If you make a remark to him, he blushes! Because he feels that he should be more perfect in his public behavior and activity. The elders used to tell us "beware of people who neither blush nor turn yellow"! Why care? Because these people are frauds! They are intriguing. And as a result, thieves, corruptible and brazen. He who does not blush or turn yellow does it all, because he has no shame! Unfortunately, Albania is run by the shameless, the brazen! The name Vata should also be voted for the fact that he blushes when he is wrong. Which means it's not wrong twice!

Unauthorized portrait for the candidate of Kukës, Emri Vata!

Those who know him, know that the Name Vata weighs on his soul the pain of another. It is the man who feels suffering when the weak and the defenseless suffer. This feature of his may seem like a religious sermon and even characteristic of the left. But the left only has the propaganda and the program as a fraud for social care or help to the poor and vulnerable. The name Vata originates from the spirit and tradition of the need to help and take care of these categories of people. While it is not complicated by this distinctive characteristic of his and absent in most of our politicians in Albania.

Fortunately, Emri Vata belongs to a political formation that, more than any other party, has proven to be dedicated to justice and integrity. Therefore, he is not part of that formation by chance. However, I do not intend to ask for a vote for Emri Vata simply because of his political representation. His name goes beyond the Democratic Party, beyond the Democrats. His characteristics touch a huge mass of people who dream and hope in the product of a politician's work. It is precisely this gigantic mass that I am talking about.

Unauthorized portrait for the candidate of Kukës, Emri Vata!

It has been a custom in Kukës since when the bride was taken, they asked about her family, about her roots, even about her many uncles and friends. The family of Emri Vata is well known. No one can dispute that family in anything. Meanwhile, he is also known as the deputy mayor of the Municipality in the years 2015-1019. All those who have contacted him at that time know that I am telling indisputable truths about the personality of this man educated and accustomed to the tradition of Kukës and Kuksians, Luma and Limjani!

Unauthorized portrait for the candidate of Kukës, Emri Vata!

This means that he is the opposite of most of the previous mayors that the municipality of Kukes has had at its head. If the citizens of Kuksi and those of Lumjan want a different mayor! If they want to stop facing the arrogance and arbitrariness of the next president! If voters no longer want to be insulted, trampled on, but want to be respected for their identity and integrity! Then the Name Vata must be chosen!

Unauthorized portrait for the candidate of Kukës, Emri Vata!

The one who knows how to respect others, the one who is grateful to others, the one who feels someone else's pain, he is always at the side of the citizens! Kukësi and the people of Kukësi have the chance to finally feel equal with the number one citizen of their city and district!

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