By Arian Galdini/ Vote lost in vain!

2023-09-13 19:54:00, Opinione Arian Galdini
By Arian Galdini/ Vote lost in vain!
Arian Galdini, head of LRE

This stale and illogical theory has been around for several years, that the vote for what you consider to be the best and most honest is a wasted vote, if the candidate of virtue is not from the big party and not with millions oligarchs or crime...

The logic of the lost vote is logic.

Hordes of empty-headed and ignorant militants are held hostage by this logic...

Because, if anyone expects a miracle that nowadays, the Major Parties will run for virtuous people, then I'm sorry, but the chances are very slim, bordering on the impossible.

Equally slim are the chances that the virtuous candidates themselves will feel represented and agree to run for office by the big parties.

The virtuous do not even want to see the ink of the Great Parties.

So, neither the Big Parties nominate virtuous people, nor do the virtuous people agree to be close or connected to the Big Parties.

So if we don't vote for virtuous people, who do we vote for?

Surely we vote for the disgusting elections of the Big Parties, which are mainly quacks, scumbags, servile symbionts, swindlers, swindlers and looters...

The Big Parties always choose "cards and figures" whose connections and exploits they know, even though the public accepts them as "new sales" when they know them little or otherwise...

Virtuous people either do not mess with politics at all or if they enter politics they do it for a mission.

Virtuous people are neither thieves, nor frauds, nor crooks, nor profiteers, so they have neither wealth, nor hordes, nor the media, nor Oligarchs nor Organized Crime, so they look weak...

But being a weak citizen of virtue is an extraordinary strength of character and values...

Then repeat the question: 

If we don't vote for virtuous people because they seem weak, without money and without media and without hordes, then who do we vote for?

Quite simple.

Check out the 32 year history.

In 32 years, Albanians have voted for the Major Parties and their Candidates.

And for 32 years they have been complaining about the thieves, the pigs, the masquerades, that for 32 years they have been robbing us and robbing us of everything and driving our children from our homeland...

And if we vote for them, why do we complain?

But if we complain every day, then why do we vote for them?

Lost vote.

Voting for a virtuous person, they say it's called a lost vote because you can't win and the vote is wasted...

But if the Big Parties only run for thieves, crooks, looters, criminals, security spies, scumbags, why are there no "winning votes" for them???


Because a vote for them is clearly a vote that leads us back to wasting time, life, wasting time, misery, losing hope and endless ritual complaints.

If the "winning vote" that goes to the Big Parties, loses our representation, loses our dignity, loses our time, loses our development, loses our life, loses our hope, drives us away from the future, plunges us into depression and daily complaints , then tell me why this is the "right vote"????

If the "winning vote" for the Major Parties is a vote of the type: The thief of our side is better than the thief of the other side, feel me, but where is the public benefit?

If the "winning vote" was called a vote for one of the Major Parties, because that's how one thief has a chance to win against another thief, tell me how and where Albania wins????

The only vote I know as a free vote is the vote for the virtuous man...

A vote for an honest and virtuous man is never a wasted vote.

Because maybe an honest and virtuous candidate can't win yet, but surely our spirit wins and Albania begins to have hope.

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