By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

2023-09-12 16:31:00, Opinione Arian Galdini
By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!
Arian Galdini, head of LRE

Albania is already becoming the most proverbial country in the world because it has not been able to hold free, fair and equal elections since 1928.

Since the day when the Monarchy was declared in Albania by the Constitutional Assembly of the time, the elections have also ended.

We didn't have elections again in the 10 years of the Kingdom until April 7, 1939, nor in the 5 years of L2B, and even from 1944 until December 1990 we had the communist dictatorship that made the votes by hand or drum.

But our election saga turned into a tragicomedy just as we entered this new post-communist era, with political pluralism and competition between different parties.

Perhaps our great drama started from the first step, because the first pluralist votes on March 31, 1991, were convincingly won by the Labor Party, even though our "impartial history" tells us that from December 8, 1990, the entire Albanian people were in the squares of the revolt and joined the peaceful democratic revolution for change...

The votes of March 31, 1991, showed us that the revolution was still in the imagination of a few Albanians, because the majority still wanted the cooperatives and 80% that Ramiz Alia gave them.

James Baker had to come and the US ambassador, Ryerson, had to campaign, and Fatos Nano had to go have a coffee with Sali Berisha and Mentor Çok in Triste, for our people to understand that it was their turn to accept it. change of leadership.

By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

Without the USA in the campaign, there wouldn't even have been any chance in Albania for our people to understand that a temporary tactical change was needed to end the wind of the Fall of the Berlin Wall in Europe, leaving only Cuba and North Korea…

We didn't know that leaders were changed by elections, so we were expecting orders from above.

And so it happened.

Voting was done in almost the same way as during the time of Enver Hoxha, except this time there was no longer a crowbar, but orders and tambourines.

By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

Here Sali Berisha understood his historical role and decided to remove the annoyance of the elections from the Albanians, so even in 1996, he took their minds with the Pyramid and the ballot boxes with the Police...

From May 26, 1996 until today, the history of our country with the elections has turned into a history of breaking and sticking mirrors...

In each new parliamentary session, a Bipartisan Commission is created with members of the majority and the minority, which will carry out the next electoral reform, after the next commission has completed its work, after the next changes have been made, and after the next ones have been developed. next election, we start over with another bipartisan commission for other changes.

But, since 2008, after another player entered the game who understood that in Albania, the leadership is not changed by election, but by order from above, Sali Berisha understood the problem of Edi Rama and gave him the Electoral Code that we have today, but won the 2009 elections together with Ilir Meta.

By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

And of course he took care to restore his honor in 2013 together with Ilir Meta as change and guarantee.

Free, fair and equal elections died and Albanians were left with the Electoral Code of 2008.

Ilir Meta as a hunger striker against that 2008 Code, was compensated and rewarded in kind.

From 2008 onwards, we have seen achievements and satirical elaborations of the Electoral Code, but no one has dared to point the finger at the Code itself as the source of all the failures of our political system to realize free, fair and equal elections.

Note, in 2017, they annulled the elections with the May 17-18 agreement between Rama and Basha, according to which Rama retained power and returned Ilir Meta to Berisha.

Another Bipartisan Commission was created, which fell in 2019, when the Opposition burned the mandates.

By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

And yet, a scandalously insulting mechanism for laws, democracy and morality was found, the Political Council was created, so that the Electoral Code was again achieved and processed by the same bailiffs who had done it in 2008.

So that no one would talk about the substance, the cause of Open Lists was invented…

It was said that Open Lists are the solution for democratization and against presidentialism...

They accepted it as a concept, but closed the lists temporarily, until the elections of April 25, 2021, and to work with the next payers for the winning areas on the lists.

Then, when the Parliament was constituted and the mandates were given, the Constitutional Court completely opened the lists by removing the quotient.

Here we are today in the same situation and at the same point.

We again have a Bipartisan Commission in Parliament, which will carry out the Electoral Reform...

And we even have Lulzim Basha returning to the head of the DP with the 2021 theses of Myslym Murriz and Rudina Hajdari for the Open Lists.

By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

We also have the Group of Parliamentary and Non-Parliamentary Parties that have also joined for Open Lists.

We have another political movement that is emerging with a "cause", the Open List thesis.

Let the Albanians know that the secret of free, fair and equal elections were the Open Lists, they saved all that trouble to Fatos Nano and Sali Berisha in Trieste in 1991...

By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

They even spared Edi Rama all those hardships with hunger strikes and tent protests when he was in the Opposition, not to mention the burnt tires...

The Open Lists in the Electoral Code of 2008 were enough, and we were left with only Gërdeci.

Too bad.

What shallowness and what a harmony of hypocrisy from everyone, old and young at all...

Open Lists???

Are we not saying that our parties are closed and undemocratic???

How can Open Lists work in closed parties???

Are we not saying that we have an Albania dominated by a Handful of Politicians, a Handful of Oligarchs and some Criminal Groups????

The media controls exactly these, this Handful of Politicians, Oligarchs and Criminal Groups.

Who wins with Open Lists???

Of course, the candidate who has more money and more fame and media recognition.

Who has the money and the media in Albania???

The fist of Politicians, Oligarchs and Criminal Groups...

Who will have the most funding and fame of the Open List candidates to win?

Of course, the candidates favored by the Clique of Politicians, Oligarchs and Criminal Groups.


By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

Albania has no real pluralism.

Albania has 4 types of political parties that are currently in the system.

There are 2 large traditional parties, there are some commercial parties, there are small parties that are actually leech parties that feed by sticking to the big parties, and recently from 2021 there are also new parties that are teleparties or parties that are pumped up are launched and factored in the media.

The Open Lists do not democratize Albania in this reality with this type of pluralism that we have and with these types of parties that we have.

The Open Lists are the bargaining ground of the Leaders of the major parties with the Clash of Oligarchs and Criminal Groups to guarantee as much financial and media support as possible.

Open Listings are a very high bar that can be passed even by Commercial Parties. 

What are trading parties???

They are parties with people with a lot of money and criminal agreements of the second and lower levels, who are ready and able to buy votes and make pacts with the devil directly with the "electoral operators on the ground".

The Open Lists are also a hope for new teleparties, which think that the fame due to the guaranteed media space they clearly have, can provide them with the necessary number of votes to cross the threshold and win some mandate.

By Arian Galdini/ Open Lists, Open Parties, Open Code!

So simple and cynical is the game with Open Lists...

Open Lists love the Big 2 Parties, Trade Parties and New Teleparties.

And since they have the numbers and will do as they want and neither I nor anyone can stop them, I have a proposal.

Let's do the Open Lists, but not with Albania as a single Electoral area.

Open lists with 140 constituencies without an electoral threshold, where each competing party presents in each constituency from 1 to 5 candidates, thus, Albanians vote for the party proportionally and have the opportunity to choose their favorite candidate in each constituency.

Do you want to stop the Presidentocracy with the Proportional System in force according to the Constitution and even with the Open Lists???

Do you want the democratization of Albania???

Make it 140 constituencies and each party list is local unit by constituency.

That would be a real solution.

The others are plots to continue the game of domination, the 2 big parties and to have any hope, the commercial parties and the new teleparties do not catch anything.

That's it.

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