1 ok or 233 per ad?

2023-09-14 15:24:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

1 ok or 233 per ad?

The "super operation" of the police that has so far arrested 233 drug dealers and destroyed "23 criminal networks" beyond the enthusiasm of the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior raises a simple question: wouldn't it be better to arrest only 1? And this one not from the crowd of distributors and users.

If you see an action with the same theme of the Italian police and compare it with the current action of the state police, not only big differences emerge, but also questions that do not need answers.

In today's news (see the portal "Albania") it becomes clear that the police investigations have started since 2020 and the police there hit the head, while here the bottom level is hit...

Enthusiasm for the number 233 makes the Minister of the Interior appear for the first time at the police press conference. The Prime Minister himself extolled in the post that "this is another proof of raising the fight against organized crime to a new level" while he himself said that "there is no organized crime in Albania, but only some strong neighborhoods".

In his speech, the Minister of Internal Affairs spoke only about distributors, not a word about TRAFFICKERS. No word on narcotics being cleaned on an industrial scale.

At the press conference in the presence of 5 police directors (are any of them in SKY ECC?) you are impressed by the absence of the Prosecutor.

This action should be applauded if we had only one person in the police network, a UNIT who could help answer some simple questions:

-From which points does cocaine enter Albania?

- Where is it stored?

- Does it come ready or is it processed here?

- Where are the processing laboratories?

- How does cocaine arrive from the bulk points to the distributors?

- At how many levels and how is cocaine's arrival to distributors and users structured?

The arrest (so far) of 233 people is reminiscent of the sensational arrest of 50 people a few weeks ago in Elbasan who were brought by buses to Tirana and today there is no answer to the results of the investigations and it is not known how many people are under arrest.

The fight against organized crime and drugs is not done with arrests as if it were the "first day of school"...

By analogy with the action of the Italian police on the same topic: Result:

24 people in handcuffs (among them 16 Albanians)

40 controls.

42 kg of heroin, cocaine and hashish seized.

Discovery of the apartment that was used as a drug refinery and warehouse.

Seizure of traffic revenues worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Red flag arrest of 1 Italian and two Albanians.

The conclusion of the investigations: the drug proceeds were invested in Albania.

Discovery of the head and the network and branches where it operated.

An action taken, but despite these concrete results, neither the Italian Minister of the Interior saw the way to go to the press conference, nor did Prime Minister Meloni post the "super action" on social networks.

The difference between a state that fights against drugs and organized crime is not similar and does not do it with "WhatsApp" and "Facebook".

There is a big gap between the concrete results in the fight against drugs and organized crime and the propaganda that "we are working day and night at the construction sites".

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