In flooded Lezha, you can't even grow rice!

2023-09-17 19:29:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja

In flooded Lezha, you can't even grow rice!

In Lezha, the owner of the "Mrizi i Zanave" farm publicly declared that he failed in rice cultivation. How is it possible in a plain that every winter does not pass without being flooded once, even in the spring when the buds have opened or the greens have sprouted, the floods are there. So much so that we have seen some of the strangest scenes, such as food delivery by boat, rooftops and furniture under the company of water.

How is it possible to fail in a land that is underwater and surrounded by rivers, lagoons and seas?

In fact, he has not failed, and his hat should be taken off this innovator. But initially a) the government and b) the Albanian society failed.

Today, dozens of newspapers posted a strange survey where 61% were dissatisfied with the government, but there were more people with the opposition, 73%. I say odd as the poll is for who has the keys to the stone tower, not who has the thatch hut keys.

But in our Albania, it is enough to take some money from the government and do it on anyone's head. Whether these are ideals of scientists or intellectual decorations, a little money is enough and you can look at both the executioner and the victim. This is how this guy, who wants to cultivate rice, has been mocked and ridiculed, and he has even been told that China produces enough rice to feed the world and not Lezha anymore.

This is what he told the musketeers about the whey, Serbia produces a lot of it. So sell the cattle, close the farms and run away. The mentality of the Albanian statesman dies to be short, so we have that education that an innovative mind, to call stupid. Our administration is 99% incompetent who come as a product of party research, not university disciplines. So...

If you notice, if you look at their curricula, 99% are uneducated because they bought the diplomas. But they are 100% devoted soldiers for recruitment and vote buying.

Party meritocracy makes you a doctor and professor without studying even a single hour. This is the reason why schools are no longer schools, no matter how many photos and videos of inaugurations the statesmen post, they are no longer schools. You may have built the edifice, but that doesn't mean it's a school. You may have proclaimed pluralism, but that doesn't mean you've grasped democracy, anyway. A whole bunch of brainstorming ideas that have died in time.

Moreover today the laws and projects serve more the crime and the organizations of the grass houses than the farmer or the innovative minds that employ an entire community. If you take a look at Lezha, even from the satellite, it all turns into irony that it has the unshaven face of an Albanian parasite, after the water floods everywhere, but a farmer doesn't have enough to cultivate rice. If he was connected to the government and growing cannabis, then yes.

When I was coming down from the queue from Qafë-thana, the water was pouring with pistols through the lavatory, it was pouring in vain, as if it were making a mountain threshing floor, and yet Përranjasi has no water for 24 hours. To think that the Albanian government is negotiating to sell the water of the blue eye to Italy.

If the flood water was managed by that government, with reservoirs or pits like those supposedly for incinerators, etc., rice could be cultivated freely. Yes, these seem stupid in the Albanian mentality, since all their time is a burning furnace of politics. In this way, it is easier for an agronomist with three degrees to make a career in cafes after Rama or Berisha, since innovation, research work, production and moreover management have died.

Albania can already be called a political miner, but not a miner producing material goods for its citizens. Those who do these jobs have taken the mountains. The few who are left there, suffer and create with the fear of any attack as they have the force of the monster from the laws of 1 euro per square meter. The law that one party invents and plows under the other party.

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