The end of the ruling caste of the opposition

2023-09-26 16:19:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
The end of the ruling caste of the opposition
Ilir Levonja

Kukësi marked the end of a social expectation which, in one way or another, is totally hostage to interest groups, and not to the spirit of the opposition.

Seal the electoral fact that, it is not possible to win with caste groups divided, when the base is united.

No matter how much you call for the legitimacy of the seat, stamp, or party..., with the other fact that this one is with us and this one is with them, you will never succeed in overthrowing a mannequin and no longer a dictator like Edi Rama.

First, caste has killed the base with labels, regardless of alignment they are basically democrats. But since today they hate each other, curse each other, insult each other, they even don't trust each other anymore.

Although they know very well that they were, are and will die democrats, caste has divided them. He has condemned them to eat each other, therefore also to lose.

The caste is simply a metal box, a locomotive which could very well open its wing, but does not. He continues to denounce the dictator, although they have long since turned into mini-dictators themselves.

The spirit is the wagons that live even for free. The spirit of the base, at least under what is called political charm or political inclination. Neither Sali Berisha nor Lul Basha make you a democrat, you are a democrat by blood and flesh. It doesn't even make you a tessera, but freedom of thought.

Kukesi or time proved that you can't win with denunciations, be it with book promotions on electoral crimes, or with complaints to the European chancelleries.

Kukësi closed the window of a total failure of not only two people, two leaders, but also the further decline of that spirit at the base. People are already tired and want another light or hope.

Moreover, they don't want diktat, they don't want catapults, you come from the capital and govern us in the province. Since governance is not and is not done like buying and selling football players. Those who come find an apartment, a lover, a free bar and a fat salary. Kuksi proved this quite well even in the result of the candidate who won.

The local government belongs to the one who is as provincial and autochthonous as the nation itself. You can throw it sometimes, when you are in power, but not in the opposition. It is naive to think that a dictator like Edi Rama will open his arms one day.

Albania has already returned to the starting line of the 90s. And the only clue I can spare is the internal decay of power. As happened with the dictatorship.

A kind of majesty or decay from fleeing the mountains to Greece and escaping with embassies and ships. But it seems that this is not going to happen because the power of this dictator has endless money, he has wholesale financing, he can buy everything just like he did.

Scandals are covered with new scoops and oppositionism comes and goes. But the fact that it may have bought the leading castes who only say never is no exception.

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