Humiliation big news!

2023-09-17 21:47:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Humiliation big news!
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

The Sunday of high temperatures in September also brought "hot news" about Albanians arrested for drug trafficking and murder. Today alone we have (so far) 7 news.

1. A 54-year-old Albanian was arrested today in Italy, because of a murder he committed in Belgium in 1999;

2. 2.3 tons of cocaine are seized by the Spanish police and the Albanian head of the "Balkan cartel" cell is arrested.

3. Father and son from Durrës are arrested at the customs of Montenegro, for trafficking nearly half a ton of hashish.

4. Two Albanians are caught in Italy with hashish, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and 400 thousand euros.

5. The drug group in Thessaloniki is hit, among those arrested is an Albanian.

6. The 36-year-old Albanian is sentenced to two years in prison, by the court in Holland, after he tried to remove 33 kg of cocaine from a container in the port.

7. A couple was arrested by the Italian police after they were caught with 22 kg of heroin

All the above news are sourced from the press of the respective countries, but they are not written properly.

In our tradition,

1. there can be no news about arrest and sentence without establishing the name and surname of the detained persons.

2. It is wrong for the police operation not to have an English name.

3. There can be no successful action without mentioning the phrase "police intelligence"

4. No one can be arrested without emphasizing cooperation with the police of other countries.

5. There can be no "random arrests" such as by the street cops, every arrest must be well thought out and within the framework of an operation where the state police is definitely involved.

6. There can be no news without a statement from the Minister of the Interior

7. There can be no news without a statement from the Prime Minister saying that "the fight against crime has reached another level."

8. There can be no news that does not highlight "the determination to strike illegality anywhere and anytime"

9. There is no sense of news if there is no post on Facebook and Instagram

10. Big news needs big advertising!

Seeing the poverty of the police reports of the partner countries, expressing regret for the minimization of the work of the blue uniforms, Albania, within the direction of the Security Council, is ready to welcome the policemen and journalists to an intensive free training course. foreigners to learn what transparency is and how a police operation is communicated to the public.

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