Besnik Mustafaj, a writer, has more readers than votes when he was a politician

2023-09-25 22:49:00, Opinione Roland Qafoku

Besnik Mustafaj, a writer, has more readers than votes when he was a politician

Besnik Mustafaj gave himself a special gift today on his 65th birthday.

The historical novel "Destiny Taken" gathered many friends in the "Classic" hall at the Tirana International Hotel, so much so that it confirmed that he has already won more readers than he had won votes when he was in politics.

A narrative that looks like a beautiful dream in which Albania is a founding member of the EU, a founding member of NATO, a country with a consolidated democracy and where the Albanian heroes Skenderbeu and the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli bring us so many benefits to the nation over the centuries. ours.

The novel also features characters from the politics of the time, from Sali Berisha to the diplomat Mal Berisha or the historian Daut Dauti who had just arrived from London today and spoke at the panel.

I sincerely wish Besnik Mustafaj a happy birthday and as much success as possible with this very special novel!

And a congratulations to the master publisher Bujar Hudhri who knows not only how to publish quality books, but also to convey the values ??of these books to the reader.

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