The equation that Saliu must solve/ By Spartak Ngjela

2023-09-23 16:47:00, Opinione Spartak Ngjela

The equation that Saliu must solve/ By Spartak Ngjela

Saliu is feeling scared, but he is not doing anything to show that he is innocent. Nothing.

By saying that the accusers are lying, Saliu is saying nothing. You must show your evidence that you and your family are being accused in vain.
What would be Saliu's exculpatory and valuable evidence?

The main thing should be to show with factual evidence: how much his and his family's wealth was in 2004, before he became prime minister.

Then he must tell the public opinion that the properties that his family has, and he himself, have not been increased in an abusive manner by exploiting his position as prime minister.

This is the equation that Saliu must solve before the Albanian public opinion, and the family before the Special Prosecutor's Office and the Special Court that is summoning them.

His curses against the court or the prosecution are the calls of a frightened individual, and justice triumphs only with evidence.
The good thing: the public opinion of Albania is now waiting to see the judicial evidence of the accusation against Berishaj in the process that has started and will continue in SPAK.

All others are much ado about nothing.
But when an accused makes much ado about nothing, nothing accompanying it, in the criminal concept of proof, is against him.

An accused who behaves and argues through the noise of nothing, in high jurisprudence is called nullity, nothing; and that's why this individual has the judicial poetry fourfold against him.
Between the accused and the evidence, lies justice.

This is an absolute axiom of a fair and independent judicial process.
What about other officials who are in the same positions, will they have such controls through criminal charges.

Everyone should know that due to the fact that this SPAK process is led by internationals against all the governments that have passed in Albania in the last 25 years, it is understood that this will not be a short process, but that it is a necessity for the development of Albania.

Dhe tani opinioni i nivelit intelektual në Shqipëri po pret të shohë një proces akuzues të nivelit të lartë.

Sigurisht, deri tani ka pasur disa të tillë, por i larti që po pret opinioni publik dhe intelektualizmi shqiptar në Shqipëri dhe jashtë saj, është niveli kryeministror dhe niveli presidencial në qeveritë dhe presidentët që janë apo që kanë kaluar në këta 25 vjet...

Dhe kjo nuk është një kërkesë për hakmarrje, por një kërkesë që ka të bëjë me mbarëvajtjen, mirëqenien dhe pasurimin të shoqërisë shqiptare.

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