Robert Ndrenika confesses/ How I was excluded from the lists for MPs, conversation with Aleksandër Meksi

2023-06-17 12:30:00, Kulturë CNA

Robert Ndrenika confesses/ How I was excluded from the lists for MPs,

Robert Ndrenika's involvement in politics in the 90s has been one of the issues for which the icon of cinematography and theater in Albania has recently revealed details.

During an interview with Mira Kazhan, the actor Robert Ndrenika confessed the ridiculous reason for which he was excluded from the lists of DP deputies at the last moment.

He also showed the conversation with the prime minister of that time, Aleksandër Meks, who had asked him to continue being a deputy.

"The first 4-year term of the MP is over. Aleksandër Meksi comes to me, he was prime minister, and he tells me: The area asks you to continue and you will be a deputy again. This was true and, as I said, I was put in a position to be a member of parliament again. I find out at the last moment, I was taken away. I actually got hurt, not that I had any… Thank goodness I didn't. That parliament only one year. The crap that happened happened. That parliament lived only one year. Thank God I didn't. I'm hearing from those in Elbasan, from serious people, that a big DP here said: "That's what the deputy who didn't come to apologize to the Democratic Party, who played Qazim Mullet, will do again."

That is, I should come and say to the Democratic Party: I'm sorry for playing Qazim Mullet! At a time when I interpreted Qazim Mullet for survival. That they did not accept me in Tirana. I entered during the rehearsals, I apologized to Piro Mani, give me a rehearsal, I told him, I entered the rehearsals and stayed. This is how I got Qazim Mullet, the famous prefect. And I wanted to apologize to the DP that I had played... at a time when there were those in the DP who also had party secretaries, etc., etc. That there were all kinds of people in PD. There were also those who had served 25 years in prison, there were also members of the Labor Party there. At that time, I did bad things, to tell the truth", stated Robert Ndrenika./ CNA.al

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