"They came and begged me..."/ Robert Ndrenika reveals the unsaid, what prompted him to get involved in politics

2023-06-17 12:18:00, Kulturë CNA

"They came and begged me..."/ Robert Ndrenika reveals the unsaid, what

Robert Ndrenika, icon of cinematography and theater in Albania and beyond, has spoken about his involvement in politics in the 90s.

Ndrenika was part of Mira Kazan's podcast, from where she confessed the untold.

In his narrative, Ndrenika states that the decision to become an MP came after many requests and prayers from the then Democratic Party, but the biggest push that convinced him came from his family and friends.

" What if I told my Mira Kazhani that they came and asked me to become a deputy? At first I said… then not this, not that, not the wife, not the friend, be, be.

We didn't even know at that time... I knew that Comrade Enver's MPs didn't have any... We had actors who were MPs ", he said.

Among other things, the actor has shown the reason for his non-membership in the PD even after many requests from the latter and on the contribution made by him in his constituency, that of Elbasan.

" Some things impressed me, but I was not a member of the Democratic Party. Not a day. No clock. They even told me: Why don't you become a member? I'm allergic to the word party, I told them. I gave this answer. Apart from the Law of Cinema, I was not taken at all. The deputy is first and foremost a legislator. I didn't get too carried away that there were many, many better legislators than me around. Especially for the economic issues that mattered at the time. But I made a very big contribution to my constituency.

Elbasan asked me, because he knew me since I used to work there. I made a contribution that I still remember fondly to this day. Because I had acquaintances in Tirana, they even came, not the hospital, not the ambulance, I made a contribution..." , Ndrenika confessed.

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