"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan country, a treasure

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"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

The prestigious media "National Geographic" has promoted Albania and its tourist attractions for the Spanish public.

Prime Minister Edi Rama published this article on social networks. He states that during the months of January-April 2023, 92% more visitors from Spain visited Albania, compared to the same period of 2022.

"National Geographic" discovers Albania through its riviera for the Spanish public, along which spectacular beaches unfold, secret bays are hidden, archaeological traces are located and unique cuisine can be enjoyed, all in this article that is an irresistible invitation to pass a few days in the unknown paradise of the Mediterranean, as the world media giant calls us.

Last year, over 45 thousand Spanish tourists who visited Albania were the "surprise" of the new tourist markets that are exploring our country, while for the months of January-April 2023, 92% more visitors from Spain visited us, compared to the same period of a year ago" , writes Rama.

Meanwhile, the article written by Ana Maria Gonzalez Franco describes Albania's beaches as a treasure.

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Little by little, this beautiful Balkan country is considered the unknown paradise of the Mediterranean.

In any case, what seems clear is that Albania has everything to become the most coveted country with spectacular beaches. The Albanian Riviera stretches along a magnificent coastline, with archaeological ruins, exciting history, cultural features and rich gastronomy, which can be found on the country's best beaches.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

If Albania had to be synthesized with a single beach, then the winner would be Ksamil.

Its four small islands are a magnet for swimmers. In Ksamil there are various beaches with fine white sand, although most of them are private and managed by restaurants. The fact that it is located south of Saranda, right in front of the island of Corfu, makes it a very desirable coordinate for both Albanians and travelers crossing the southern border of the country or crossing by ferry from Italy or Greece. Even if there was no reason to be one of the best beaches in Albania, Ksamili is an ideal base camp to get to know other Albanian attractions such as Syri i Kaltër and the Natural Park of Butrint, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

Just over an hour's drive from Saranda, following the Ionian coastline, is the longest beach on the entire Albanian Riviera. This is Borshi, a place that is more than six kilometers long and which, in addition to its size, stands out for its incredible crystal waters and its giant mountains with abundant vegetation that contrasts with the blue of the sea. In addition, this enclave stands out for its tranquility and wild character, making this a favorite beach for those looking to get away from the touristy and civilized circuit of its neighbors. However, there are several bars and restaurants nearby as well as a large car park.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

One of the most precious treasures of the coast of the Albanian Riviera is the beach of Gjipe, a panorama that fascinates for the wild natural environment and the dreamy sunsets and sunrises as well as for the blue waters. Despite being one of the most coveted beaches, access to it is not easy. Located at the bottom of the canyon of the same name, the small bay is surrounded by high cliffs making it one of the most picturesque beaches in Albania.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

As one of the largest urban beaches in Albania, Dhërmiu welcomes locals and tourists looking for all the amenities needed to spend a day at the beach. The town center is on a hill and, next to the sea, the beach and promenade concentrate the summer atmosphere, bars and restaurants, which also offer sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, as there is a public part and a private part. In the north it becomes rockier and on the outskirts, you can visit coves and caves, including Dhrimadhes, a beautiful cove of white sand with rocks reached by following a paved path that zigzags between olive trees.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

In a strategic location between Himara and Dhërmi, after the village of Vuno is the turnoff to Jalë, one of the paradises of the Ionian coast, hidden among the hills full of olive groves and houses. Large rocks surround the small coves of this corner of the Mediterranean, where the water takes on indescribable colors. Thus, the beauty of Jala is perceived first from the high hill. Beyond being an ideal place to lounge or practice snorkeling and water sports, Jala is one of the favorite destinations for those looking for nightlife. There are also a large number of restaurants and bars nearby where you can enjoy local dishes.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

Lukova is ideal for enjoying the tranquility of the Albanian Riviera, as it is located in an exceptional natural environment far from the most coveted places on the coast. This does not mean that its beaches do not have all the services, including the services of sunbeds, umbrellas for rent and a variety of restaurants. Anyone who just wants a natural experience has only to look up and lose sight of the crystal clear waters and their contrast with the green hills.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

Kakome Beach is a natural wonder in the shape of a crescent, enveloped in an environment of abundant vegetation. In addition to this visual idyll, Kakomeja has another attraction, the fact that it is practically deserted, so relaxing and enjoying a dreamy panorama becomes the greatest pleasure. Those who want to enjoy a day of relaxing with a towel or snorkeling should follow the road signposted to the Monastery of St. Mary of Kakome, a 16th-century Byzantine complex.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

Porto Palermo is undoubtedly one of the most unique places in Albania. Located between the towns of Himare and Qeparo, it is surrounded by an island connected to the coast by an isthmus. It is known above all for the fortress of Ali Pasha, from where the most spectacular views of the surroundings are obtained. Although the coast of Porto Palermo is very rocky, there are small pebble beaches where you can get into the water without having to walk over the rocks. Despite being one of the most popular corners of the Albanian Riviera, Porto Palermo can still boast that it has not been given over to mass tourism, preserving that wild character that makes this entire coast a big secret, for now.


"National Geographic", article about Albania/ Beaches of the Balkan

Opposite the town of the same name, the western orientation of this beach allows you to witness some of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire country. It is an ideal place to relax, snorkel or swim, as well as take a boat trip to the surrounding caves and cliffs or hike to nearby Mount Cika, from where you can enjoy spectacular views. The beach is surrounded by the promenade, where there are restaurants and all the facilities to spend a day at the beach./ CNA.al

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