The SPAK file for the Tirana incinerator/ Corruption of officials, cooperation with Zoto and Mërtir

2023-12-10 18:46:00, Aktualitet CNA

The SPAK file for the Tirana incinerator/ Corruption of officials, cooperation

3 days ago, on December 7, the Special Court took concrete steps for the affair in the Tirana incinerator, sending several officials in handcuffs.

CNA has disclosed the complete file, where the findings of the Special Prosecutor's Office are laid out, and judge Irena Gjoka gives 9 measures of arrest in prison and 6 measures of house arrest.

The heads of the incinerator affair, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, are on the run, while Tirana Municipality officials and one of the most important directors of Erion Veliaj, Taulant Tusha, were put in handcuffs.

Specifically, Erjon Murataj, Bledar Karoli, Taulant Tusha, Namik Simixhiu and Jetmir Llapaj have fallen into police custody.

Meanwhile, Alba Thoma, Valbona Ballgjini, Sidita Kopliku, Pëllumb Abeshi, Etleva Kondi and Sidita Tola have been left under house arrest .

Accusations for the affair in Tirana also weigh against the former Minister of the Environment Lefter Koka and his former secretary Alqi Blako , who are currently in prison .

Arrest warrants were also issued for the bosses of the incinerators and his brain Mirel Mërtiri and his associate Klodian Zoto , who are also wanted internationally for the affairs in the two incinerators of Elbasan and Fier.

However, CNA has reported that the storm will not stop, but will include other people, mainly from the media.

The latter have been paid for years by the people of the incinerators, and the money given to the media for propaganda is not foreseen in the business plan.

The aforementioned persons, who are under investigation for the 110 million dollar affair, are accused of "abuse of office", "passive corruption of high state officials or local elected officials", "fraud" with serious consequences and "cleaning of products of the criminal offense or criminal activity".

The SPAK file for the Tirana incinerator/ Corruption of officials, cooperation

From the investigative actions carried out for this criminal proceeding, it has emerged that the members of the commission for granting the concession, in cooperation with Lefter Koka, Alqi Bllakon and other officials of the Ministry of Environment, have acted in violation of the law on the granting of the concession.

Officials have helped the concessionaire company "Integrated Energy BV" to provide the necessary documentation that it had to submit to the Ministry of Environment before and during the concession procedure, in order to declare this company the winner.

In relation to the feasibility study, SPAK has confirmed that the officials of the ministry and the municipality of Tirana have taken the costs of the incinerator company for granted without performing any verification regarding their authenticity.

According to the file, it turns out that Alqi Blako benefited from 119,755 Euros from Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, in order to favor their company during the concession granting procedure.

SPAK emphasizes once again that Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri are the "de facto" owners of the company "Integrated Energy BV SPV" sh.pk, which won the concession contract, as well as the "de facto" owners of its parent company, founded in the Netherlands, "Integrated Energy BV", then changed its name to "Geogenix BV".

The file does not mention the change of owners of the concession company without the approval of the Albanian government, thus violating the contract.

CNA is bringing below the complete file of SPAK, where the measures were taken for the people involved in the 110 million euro affair./ CNA

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