She refused to have an abortion/ Klodiana shows the barbaric behavior of her ex-husband: He kicked me in the stomach

2023-12-10 17:02:00, Aktualitet CNA

She refused to have an abortion/ Klodiana shows the barbaric behavior of her

Klodiana is the citizen from Berat who confessed this Sunday for the Albanians the suffering she went through with her ex-husband.

She told in the column "There's a Message for You" that at the age of 35, the family married her off to a matchmaker. She met her husband only 3 times before getting married and immigrating with him to Greece.

Klodiana said that her husband abused her physically and psychologically, but after some time she became pregnant.

"The 15 days were well-behaved, I more or less had a difficult time, I didn't know the language. The ex-husband began to completely reverse that behavior, became aggressive, abusive.

I used to get up at 4 to make them to eat. I used to make pasta, but he wanted meat everyday.

At 4 in the morning but I had to make grilled meat, fried with pasta, yes. He had to eat it, I had to make the coffee ready. The owner would come and pick us up and take us to the land, to work.

Both physically and psychologically it has been more difficult. With various threats.

I didn't do anything, I was just very wise, very calm, I said that he will return, that's how it is, maybe it's the first time, I don't know the importance of a man. I could bear it with one word ", she said.

She stated that when she became pregnant, her ex-husband asked her to have an abortion, but when she refused, he kicked her in the stomach, causing her to end up in the hospital.

"I was three and a half months old for 4, I had passed, it was early in the morning that I was working in a restaurant and I left work at 1 in the morning and until 3 in the morning my body fell into silence, I was crying out of fear, how would carry this child, how I took it over and at 4 in the morning there was a knock on the door. There I snorted when I saw him, I was more scared, but during this part, when he was on the phone, he made threats "go away, if I come I will kill you" and when he came there he broke the door and shot me. "Did I tell you that I will come to find you and you must have taken the child away?", he said. He shot me, I fell unconscious.

He shot me 2-3 times, he also shot me in the stomach, it was January, with a pair of shoes as they wear, like a drum, the neighbors came. I have seen myself in the maternity ward. When I was mentioned after 48 hours, I only asked about the baby. The doctor told me "be strong, be physically well, calm down. Your child is doing well, very well," she emphasized./ CNA

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