Why are Veliaj and Rama responsible for the incinerators in any case?!

2023-12-09 18:03:00, Aktualitet CNA
Why are Veliaj and Rama responsible for the incinerators in any case?!
Erion Veliaj, Edi Rama

SPAK is getting to the bottom of the incinerator issue. There are several hundred officials arrested for the affair that starts in Elbasan, goes to Fier and Tirana.

Ministers, senior leaders of the government, local authorities are involved and it is understood a scheme led by Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto, who in fact are alleged to have corrupted the entire state and in this case who is responsible?

The local government, where the mayors are, and the central government that in the case of Tirana and others have shown us that it does not exist, that they are servants of the corruption of leks that are thrown at them.

In the case of the Tirana incinerator, both Rama and Veliaj are responsible.

Even for Elbasan, it is the prime minister, and for Fier, the prime minister and his staff. First, because of the fact that 14 decisions were made within a day for Elbasan and then nothing was verified, while the media wrote and shouted that our prime minister was defending the Elbasan incinerator.

Meanwhile, this summer, even though 24 million euros were paid, the garbage in Elbasan was burned again. The incinerator has a catastrophic cost, about 2 million euros to cover.

In Fier, the prime minister and his deputies told us that the incinerator was finished, it was working, they showed us a transporter, while the truth is quite different.

The incinerator is not finished, it still requires investment, and the prime minister knows this very well despite the fact that he hides and always defends it.

Just as he defended Elbasan and Fier, the prime minister defended Tirana when he told us that he was Paul Wurth. In fact, there was no Paul Wurth in Tirana. He was simply and only a name put on a fictitious contract.

And when the media reported here 5 years ago strongly about this scandal, that everything was being done by Klodian Zoto with Mirel Mërtiri, where all the businessmen of Tirana had to cross paths with Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, where all the institutions said that it was Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto after the Tirana incinerator, the prime minister came out and told us that it was a foreign company, that there were prestigious companies, and the mayor told us that the Dutch had come.

So, in any case, Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj are responsible for the mayor of Tirana. Not because they may have received some money and Mirel Mërtiri has corrupted officials like these officials up and down.

No one has said this until now because there is no evidence yet, but the connections are so strong that they raise endless doubts.

On the other hand, no one can say that Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj are not responsible simply and only for the fact that the media have been denouncing for years.

That an investigative commission was developed and they didn't lift a finger to verify, evaluate, take their luxury cars paid for by Albanian taxpayers, take Úngjëll Agaçi or Taulant Tushe with them and go to the landfill and see where the incinerator was.

What was happening to him?! Why wasn't it invested?! Why was the contract not enforced? Why was the IZP project implementation unit destroyed? Why did the Albanians continue and pay 29 euros/ton when there was no incinerator.

So in any case, Edi Rama is responsible for the inaction, for the negligence or the protection he has done to the incinerator of Tirana, and this separate from his desire to have an incinerator because this brought nothing more and nothing less than, a corrupt affair with 178 million, with one incinerator that does not exist, another that is not finished and another that is a diesel boiler that requires millions of euros./ CNA


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