SPAK's storm brings down the untouchables, other people under investigation for the incinerators

2023-12-09 16:14:00, Aktualitet CNA

SPAK's storm brings down the untouchables, other people under investigation

After issuing 15 arrest warrants for the Tirana incinerator affair, sources for CNA inform that the storm will not stop, but will include other people.

With the arrest of several directors and officials of the Municipality of Tirana, the myth of the untouchables was destroyed.

But the affair cannot end with a few arrested, as there are many other people involved in this vortex.

Sources for CNA learn that the media were also involved in this violence, which were paid millions of euros by the Tirana incinerator companies.

The battle will be fierce. SPAK is not stopping with the investigations. This case will not be closed and cannot be closed with only a few directors arrested.

In the earlier announcement, SPAK confirmed every denunciation, evidence and facts listing the violations committed in the concession contract.

A day ago,   CNA  learned that Erjon Murataj, Bledar Karoli, Taulant Tusha, Namik Simixhiu and Jetmir Llapaj have fallen into police custody.

Meanwhile, Alba Thoma, Valbona Ballgjini, Sidita Kopliku, Pëllumb Abeshi, Etleva Kondi and Sidita Tola have been left under house arrest.

Accusations for the affair in Tirana also burden the former Minister of the Environment Lefter Koka and his former secretary Alqi Blako, who are currently in prison.

Arrest warrants were also issued for the bosses of the incinerators and his brain Mirel Mërtiri and his associate Klodian Zoto, who are also wanted internationally for the affairs in the two incinerators of Elbasan and Fier.

The arrest warrants were signed by prosecutor Dritan Prençi, who followed the investigations into this affair./ CNA


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