Why "Top Channel" and its finers do not talk about the 110 million euros of the incinerator affair?!

2023-12-11 11:19:00, Aktualitet CNA
Why "Top Channel" and its finers do not talk about the 110 million
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Journalist Ermal Mulosmani, yesterday, in an article with facts and details, which you can read here , brought "Top Channel" back to the media's attention, which he compared to Shullazi, an Albanian criminal, who, in addition to the accusations There are also various criminal penalties.

In fact, is "Top Channel" finer or not, this is what Endrit Habilaj told us, one of the people and collaborators of this television, who was fired with a ceremony by journalist Sokol Balla, one of the violins of the Renaissance.

At that time, Endrit Habilaj accused Vjollca Hoxha of wanting to impose fines on businessmen, and on the other hand, "Top" replied that he had dismissed the fines. ( READ HERE )

Why "Top Channel" and its finers do not talk about the 110 million
Sokol Balla and Vjollca Hoxha

In fact, the history of the fines started earlier, with what journalist Mulosmani listed, which CNA also reported, with different companies that clashed fiercely with "Top Channel" over the issue of fines. There were also reports to the Prosecutor's Office, but stories that were later closed with an agreement between the parties. ( READ HERE )

In fact, SPAK has been operating for 3 days. He issued 15 arrest warrants. For those who do not know, there will be others, perhaps for some who are inside the yard of "Top Channel", or leaders of "Top Channel", who are under investigation for their partnerships with the incinerators. Someone in there has family members involved, the list is long.

"Top Channel" did not give us any news, any investigation, any information regarding the 110 million euros investigated by SPAK, regarding the officials of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj's right wing and those who were arrested.

Why "Top Channel" and its finers do not talk about the 110 million
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This "Top Channel", along with some others, we mention here "Report TV", who write that SPAK has issued 15 arrest warrants for the incinerator of Tirana, as if it was nothing. 15 arrest warrants were not issued, but 15 people were arrested, including the right wing of the Mayor of Tirana.

"Top Channel" today does not tell us anything, not even its finers, they report some sporadic news, as if it is a useless thing.

Why "Top Channel" and its finers do not talk about the 110 million

This "Top Channel", together with the other bagpipes of the Renaissance, when Jamarbër Malltezi was arrested, for 24 to 48 hours they took out everything, every property he had, history, information, bombings, did you say that Jamarbër Malltezi had stolen and robbed all of Albania, or the taxes of the Albanians, when in fact he had developed his grandmother's property and had not benefited a penny from the taxes of the Albanians.

"Top Channel" is involved in a crime, along with its fines, those it shelters inside and those it uses outside, those directed by Mirel Mërtiri from Vienna or Mark Jaka in Tirana. ( READ HERE )

Those who led the attack on the SPAK prosecutors, who in two months gave dozens of broadcasts to the SPAK prosecutors investigating the incinerators, were also involved in the crime, blackmailing and threatening them not to take Mirel Mërtir as a defendant on account of this the last. Now Habilaj's boss and Top's partner risks up to 16 years in prison with combined sentences. ( READ HERE )

Why "Top Channel" and its finers do not talk about the 110 million
Endrit Habilaj and Mirel Mërtiri

Not to mention the diversion of the investigation which is a criminal offence, with false reports, going to attacks and false accusations.

Arben Ahmetaj escaped, but on "Top Channel" they showed us the bathrooms of Tigri and his ex-wife for weeks, while today "Top Channel" does not talk about 110 million euros.

The Top did not speak about Ilir Beqaj and did not demand that he have the same standard of justice (set by Altin Dumani), but it is silent about the 110 million euros again, as it is silent about sterilization or check-up. 

"Top Channel" is silent and the finers of this television, he himself accused them, he uses them himself. Is Lori Hoxha making the same bargains with incinerators as Vjollca Hoxha? ( READ HERE )

What is wrong with "Top Channel" that is silent about the 110 million euros of incinerators, why does it not talk about this money? Why don't you reveal the truth about the assets of Taulant Tushes?

Why don't you bring out the officials involved in the affair from first to last, as he showed us the Tigris baths, Jamabër Malltez's assets, or as Ilir Beqajn hid from us?

Why "Top Channel" and its finers do not talk about the 110 million

Why don't they tell us these big investigative reports of the official Rilindzhda channel, which was sold "offshore", which has a partnership with Mirel Mërtir and Klodian Zoto, registered in Bulgaria, which has benefited millions of euros from the partnership, which has been paid with millions of euros for propaganda, to deceive Albanians and to hide the truth of an abuse of 110 million euros, which they seek to cover as an act done by officials of the government and the Municipality of Tirana.

-Where are the others? Where did the money go?

- Where do you spend the 80 million euros whose whereabouts are unknown?

- What happened to the money of the Albanians?

- Why did "Top Channel" lie for 3 years about the partnership and the real owners of the incinerators?

-How much money did "Top Channel" make?

- Why do you shelter and protect the fines under investigation by SPAK, thinking that any of the owners of this television immersed in the slush with the incinerator affair will be saved?

These media are silent about the truth of the 110 million euros and publicly "execute" Abi Malltez for the developed property of the grandmother, or deal with the bathrooms and have never addressed the essence of the matter, but have dealt with their clientelistic, corrupt interests and benefits from the affairs and concessions of the Rama government to make the parrot serve the theft of Albanians./ CNA


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