Edi Rama defends the corrupt affair of the century/Justifies a mountain with money, for a mountain of garbage

30 Dhjetor 2021, 17:12, English CNA
Edi Rama defends the corrupt affair of the century/Justifies a mountain with

The incinerator concession is one of the most accused in Albania. A concession, also referred to as the corrupt affair of the century. CNA.al has denounced this incinerator concessions for more than 1 year through a series of investigative writings.

A story that begins in Elbasan with 22 million euros, continues in Fier with 28 million euros, to come later in Tirana, with an initial contract of 128 million euros. An ex-minister has already been arrested in connection with the affair.

We recall here that Lefter Koka, former Minister of Environment in the government ?Rama 1?, was arrested after an investigation by SPAK, in connection with the concession of the incinerator of Elbasan. But today Edi Rama has tried to justify the abuse with several tens of millions of euros and the problems that he has with incinerator companies, with fat bills, and the lack of their construction.

The Prime Minister is trying to justify incinerators and large sums of money used, with the disappearance of mountains of garbage. During a press conference, Rama continued to defend this corrupt affair, with the justification that he has disappeared ?mountains of garbage?.

?Those deeds are life-saving for the people to whom you mourn, and whom you must inform accurately. They are works that have a very big benefit. They are works destined to be returned to the state, they are the property of albanians?- declared Rama.

So the Prime Minister tries to justify a mountain of money, for a mountain of garbage. But, apparently, he has ?forgotten? to tell the citizens that this bill is at least 178 million euros. So with the three contracts signed in Tirana, Elbasan and Fier. And there is no incinerator in work neither in Tirana nor in Fier.

The only existing incinerator is that of Elbasan. On the other hand in Tirana, in the hills of Sharra, we have only one landfill. There is no functional incinerator in Fier either. There are tens of millions of euros paid from the taxes of Albanians, and only a few months ago, the city of Fier was covered by plumes of smoke, by burning garbage. Incinerators are an affair that needs to be investigated and investigated from start to finish. This affair doesn?t start or end only with Lefter Koka./CNA.al

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