How Gazment Bardhi is cheating with the names of the delegates of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party

10 Dhjetor 2021, 18:30, English CNA
How Gazment Bardhi is cheating with the names of the delegates of the National

A day before the holding of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party, Secretary General Gazment Bardhi hastened to appear at a press conference, in an attempt to convince the public that the delegates have signed for the Assembly convened by Lulzim Basha on December 18.

In his speech to the media, Bardhi said that he has the names of all the delegates available. But he added that he will not read them all, but only the names of the members of the National Assembly.

He read the names in part and in groups, so as not to understand how many there are, what did in fact the ?Rostrum? of Sali Berisha, which read name by name all the delegates, who of their own free will had signed for the Assembly of the date December 11th.

The surprise is that Bardhi has read the names of those who have not signed, and dozens of them are reacting indignantly. Among them was Xhuljan Guce, who in a statement to, categorically refused to sign, emphasizing that the only Assembly that supports is that of December 11, which was convened by delegates.

?It?s not true. I have signed for the Assembly on December 11, which has been convened by the real delegates of the Democratic Party. I didn?t sign for the Assembly on the 18th?- he said in a reaction to Earlier, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha appeared in the media with a message to all democrats.

He called on delegates and members to be present tomorrow at the Assembly held at the ?Air Albania? stadium to vote for the re-establishment of the Democratic Party. He also publicly invited the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha to be part of the National Assembly for the re-establishment of this political force./

Si po mashtron Gazment Bardhi me emrat e delegatëve

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