Vetting in politics/ Here is how Lulzim Basha will eliminate his people in the DP

22 Nëntor 2021, 13:04, English CNA
Vetting in politics/ Here is how Lulzim Basha will eliminate his people in the

Lulzim Basha has recently spoken about vetting in politics, although this is a theater, an articulation for daily consumption, simply and only to attract attention. Basha continues to consume this issue, boasting that it is ready to offer the first to submit to vetting.

But with today?s vetting standards, Basha will not even be able to approach the door and not pass SPAK, because they would arrest him. Luli Basha can use vetting as a political term, but also as a threat to his people.

With vetting in politics, he must be accountable to himself, even if this process is not carried out by the SPAK, or if it is conducted by another structure within Parliament, as instruments exist, such as the High Inspectorate of Declaration of Assets etc.

But with this initiative Basha is trying to kill politically the people close to him in the DP, maybe some of those around him today, who are defending him today Let us analyze today?s vetting standards, those that have been used to oust hundreds of judges and prosecutors.

If starts vetting in politics, Ms.Grida Duma would be the first to leave due to many scandals, not of a moral nature, but to a criminal one. She would leave politics for involvement in an investigation by the Prosecution together with her partner for the sale of apartments.

Later, from a private enforcement company, she seized in 2013 her bank account, due to some debts at the time when she was Deputy Minister of Integration. But she solved surprisingly quickly this problem.

It is often rumored that she had a very close friendship with former banker Artan Santo.

But this cannot be used as an accusation. The fact is that if there was vetting in politics, the Duma would leave because of the famous video with Salianji.

Second in line would be Ervin Salianji himself, the man convicted of fraud in the ?Babale? file, an unprecedented political scenario, which clearly showed that Salianji had used the ?Babale? file to create a fraud and incite public opinion on an issue that didn?t exist.

But it is not only this scandal, but also some inherited properties. His father has benefited from apartments in exchange for property or constructions made by the socialist MP, Sadri Abazi. Other benefits that Salianji himself has received.

We go to Enkelejd Alibeaj, who has a family member, his brother convicted in Germany for drug trafficking. Despite coming from a family persecuted by the communist regime, he has often been accused of having serious problems with his property, but also with his cohabitant, now a member of the Constitutional Court.

Gazment Bardhi, the man accused of the incident in Elbasan, where a man lost his life because Bardhi set up several paramilitary groups, ostensibly to protect the vote, and who were armed and killed one man in the middle of the city.

If there was to be justice in Albania, and an independent investigation, Gazment Bardhi should have been arrested as the political leader of that campaign, and as the man who claimed responsibility for leading this group.

Finally we take as example Xhelal Mziu of Kamza, who remains silent to escape from the famous file of investigations and problems he had with justice when he was mayor of that municipality. There are many other names on the list, but today we have mentioned Basha?s most ardent supporter.

So if vetting were applied in politics, all of them would leave, including Luli Basha himself. The DP would have remained a desert. At the maximum from this process could be saved some of the new deputies. Basha mentions vetting as a political thesis, that tends to turn it into a cause. But in fact it is nothing but another lie or a threat to the surrounding people that he can remove them from politics./

Vettingu në politikë/ Si Basha do të vrasë të tijët

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