Dinko Cvitan & Arben Kraja/ Where does differ the head of SPAK, with the prosecutor who arrested the Croatian Prime Minister

18 Nëntor 2021, 14:08, English CNA
Dinko Cvitan & Arben Kraja/ Where does differ the head of SPAK, with the

Through a letter sent to the parliament, the SPAK prosecutors have asked to stay in these positions forever. And the ridiculous aspect of this letter, is that they seek lifelong mandate almost as a condition of doing their duty. This is the fifth request in a row made by SPAK, directed for 3 years by Arben Kraja.

All of their claims were related to additional benefits. With salaries 80 percent higher than the highest paid prosecutor in the justice system, with additional benefits related to retirement age, etc., now Arben Kraja is asking not to have such benefits not only for 9 years, but for all his life.

Nine years is a long period, but it seems that these years are not enough for SPAK prosecutors to do their task. Therefore, they demand the amendment of the Constitution, removing the 9-year term of mandate for 10 SPAK prosecutors. They demand this with the reasoning they will be calmer in the fight against crime and corruption!

Because in that way, they think can work independently of politics. Dinko Cvitan is the prosecutor who filed charges against former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader in Croatia. He has often been described as the man who took the act, that opened for Croatia the door to the European Union.

Today Cvitan is a simple prosecutor of the Court of Appeals in Croatia. He has not fled the country, as a result of any threats against him during his tenure! And today he doesn?t hold any leading position in the justice system. Meanwhile, his Albanian counterpart Arben Kraja, has constantly asked for additional benefits.

During an interview given during one of his visits to Albania, Dinko Cvitan stated: ?Whoever is looking for a car doesn?t fit for this job. This is a job that can be done only someone who is smart and has a heart?.

Arben Kraja, after receiving an 80 percent salary increase, after receiving additional staff, continued to look for cars, new offices, and now a lifetime mandate in office. Dinko Cvitan made history in his country, and today continues to work as a simple prosecutor. Kraja asks for favors, so that SPAK can start to ?exercise its duty? seriously.

But everything is clear. SPAK is asking Rama to change the Constitution, as a condition for closing the corruption files. This is the ?work? that is promising to do Arben Kraja. Rama doesn?t have the votes to change the Constitution. But Luli Basha, who is asking for vetting of himself from Arben Kraja, has the votes that Rama needs.

One thing is clear!

SPAK prosecutors have on the tables files of Rama and his ministers. But Arben Kraja is not Dinko Cvitan. So he cannot do the job. If the majority doesn?t have a file in the SPAK, then it must protect the terms of office as set out in the justice reform.

If this request is met as a condition ?to do the job?, prosecutors and SPAK will again ask for another favors. With the name written in the Constitution, Arben Kraja can request any tender, any concession, any contract.

Dinko Cvitan was right. To do justice requires wise and heartfelt people. Arben Kraja is not Dinko Cvitan!/CNA.al

Dinko Cvitan & Arben Kraja/ Ku ndryshon kreu i SPAK me prokurorin që arrestoi kryeministrin kroat

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