Rama-Basha game revealed/ After Berisha, DP leader attacks his former allies

12 Nëntor 2021, 19:21, English CNA
Rama-Basha game revealed/ After Berisha, DP leader attacks his former allies

It seems that the President of the New Republic, Lulzim Basha, is continuing the agreement with Prime Minister Edi Rama. Although in Parliament, they pretend to fight, apparently their game is clear.

On the one hand, Lulzim Basha declares that he will ?overthrow? the ruling regime, but in fact instead of Edi Rama, it seems that he has his ?battle? with the historical leader of the Democrats, Sali Berisha.

We recall here that after losing the general parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021, Basha declared that ?the battle has just begun, that April 25 was an electoral massacre? and other similar alibis, with the sole purpose of continuing to hold the chair of the chairman of Democratic Party.

But while the Democrats were waiting for the ?battle? against Edi Rama in September, in fact the ?battle? began against Berisha. With a personal decision and without consulting the party structures, Lulzim Basha announced the expulsion of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha from the DP parliamentary group.

So in order to ?fight? Rama, he removes from DP the historical leader? Further, in one of the parliamentary sessions, Basha stated that ?I don?t intend to reject 16 years of cooperation with Sali Berisha?. But only a few days later, he ?licked what he spat on? and launched attacks on the former Prime Minister.

In a statement to the media, he accused Berisha as an accomplice of Edi Rama, that he is giving oxygen to his regime, and others like that. Basha also returned to the accusations against Ilir Meta, with whose party he was in a coalition until recently.

But recently have come to light other details, that clearly show the existence of an agreement between Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha, unmasking their game.

In 2017, after the May 17 agreement with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Lulzim Basha launched attacks on the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PJIU) and the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), which he described as ?leechs?.

?No vote for leechs. The time of the leechs in power ends on June 25?- declared Basha in the 2017 campaign. Then in 2019, Basha took in a coalition exactly the ?leechs?. So, about 18 months after Basha made that statement, he not only didn?t keep his promise to the Democrats and his supporters, but in February 2019 he signed an agreement with exactly what he called ?leechs?”, the SMI and PJIU.

But what is currently happening? Now that he claims that he is ?fighting? against the Rama regime, it seems that is in fact being repeated the 2017 agreement, and Basha has turned his attention back to PJIU and SMI.

A day ago, the General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazment Bardhi, the right wing of Lulzim Basha, attacked the PJIU in a statement to the media. Gazment Bardhi, stated that next to Berisha is a person who according to him has campaigned for Aqif Rakipi?s son, MP Ornaldo Rakipi.

On the other hand, Bardhi also attacked the SMI, for which he said that the DP offered 15 secure mandates in the joint list, but the SMI didn?t accept. So everything seems clear. And the Rama-Basha game is easily understood by Albanians and Democrats./CNA.al

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