Corrupt incinerator scheme in Albania/ Concession company admits the scandal

21 Tetor 2021, 14:47, English CNA
Corrupt incinerator scheme in Albania/ Concession company admits the scandal

CNA.al has been able to dismantle, with exclusive and official documents, the complete scheme of the incinerator concession in Albania, starting with that of Elbasan in the amount of 22 million euros, of Fier with 28 million euros, and of Tirana with 128 million euros.

In a clear way, by investigating the documents, and providing exclusive materials, we have shown that they are the same people hiding behind 3 incinerators: Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and the latter?s cohabitant Stela Gugallja. These are the main people who have made the 2 unsolicited offers for the incinerator of Elbasan and Fier, for which the Albanian government must pay at least 50 million euros.

While in Tirana, CNA.al was able to discover that the company, which is claimed to be Dutch, Integreted Energy BV, is in fact a company created by the same people, involved in the construction of incinerators in Fier and Elbasan. So, Klodian Zoto reappears on the stage again.

The main company of the concession pyramid for incinerators, Integreted Technology Services, ITS, clearly shows on its official website what have reported CNA.al and other media. So that behind the concession of incinerators in Albania, there is one person.

According to what this company declares on its official website, ITS has built the landfill and encapsulation of urban waste in Elbasan, it is the one that has built the landfill and is working in Vlora and Fier, as well as the one that has built the first and second phase in the landfill of Tirana.

So it is confirmed what the media have said, which has been reported by CNA.al and some other media, that behind the incinerators stands a person named Klodian Zoto, and in the structure of companies there is also Mirel Mërtiri.

Although it is claimed that it is a Dutch company, in fact it is the ITS of Klodian Zoto?s ?Integrated Technology Services? that has entered into a subcontracting contract with the company ?Integreted Energy BV SPV? on 07.12.2017.

The project includes the completion of civil works for the encapsulation of the existing landfill, as well as mechanical works for the construction of the waste selection line, as well as the urban waste treatment plant and their management.

The value for the first phase of works is 5.204.913 euros, while for the second is 5.205.138 euros. ITS admits on its official website, that the Integrated Technology Services has entered into a subcontracting contract with the company ?Albtek Energy? on 20.02.2015 with the object:carrying out civil works, excavation of various layers, reinforced concrete, embankment system, cleaning or maintenance of the dam and the shore near the river Shkumbin for the realization of the project in question, as well as for the management of the landfill, waste selection and urban waste treatment plant?.

While the value of the works is said to be 6.496.502 euros. ITS website states that this is a ?project based on which the company Integreted Technology Services has entered into a subcontracting contract with Integrated Technology Waste Treatment on 21.11.2016.

In Fier, the value of the works is 6.523.086 euros. So from a concession worth 28 million euros, over 6 million have been given to Klodian Zoto?s Integrated Technology Services. We go further to the landfill of Vlora. The official website of ITS states that ?the contract was signed with the Municipality of Vlora as the contracting authority on April 27, 2020?. And the value is 9.801.624 euro.

Another detail that stands out on the official website of ITS, is the fact that until the day the incinerator concessions are received, there is no work. So a company that arises from nothing, and directly takes over the construction of landfills.

Through exclusive documents, CNA.al has clearly shown the chain of companies, in Elbasan, Fier and Tirana, while they are now publicly accepted on the official website of ITS. But the millions of euros are much bigger for Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and the network that have benefited from concessions of hundreds of millions of euros, which are paid from the taxes of Albanians and transferred to chain companies. So they are money, that they take from Albanians and put from one pocket to another./CNA.al

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